I have no love for Narendra Modi. However when I heard the real reasons for the US refusal of his visa (it has nothing to do with his so called anti Muslim attitude), I was shocked.

No. I am not willing to put it here – simply because the source is trustworthy, but I will NEVER be able to prove it.

However here is an article that I found. Not that I believe it – however there are no inaccuracies in the article, and it is something which the mainstream media refuses to talk about…so here read on…the author has some credibility too…so do ponder over it please.


this was sent by a reader…of mine on FB…where I had posted about Na Mo using Swami Vivekananda’s name…which I thought (and think) is not fair…but that is a different story!

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  1. May be out of context, but i see you have RSS feed on top of your blog so thought of to share here. You can delete this if you feel so or write new post on how american capitalist and legal system works.

    Aaron Swartz who is one of the creator of this RSS have committed suicide. He co-developed RSS at the age of 14.

    He was accused of illegally downloading articles from JSTOR (Journal Storage), with the intent of distributing them later through a P2P network (FREE) with no intension of earning money.
    Even if JSTOR dropped the charges against Aaron Swartz, the U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts has chosen to pursue the case further. “CAPITALIST AMERICA”.

    He could not bear the tension and has to give up his life and world lost one of the best web developer. I really do not understand that money (4 million) that attorney may have got has more value or the RSS feed (just for example) that gave so much freedom to get/share info is worth more than that ?

  2. in the context of this article RSS is Rashtriya Sevak Samaj.

    Honestly Sachin – I am technologically challenged…frankly I do not understand how American capitalism works, but I am sure you REMEMBER or know that Doctor Mukherjee who was the inventor of the test tube baby in India – baby Durga – was persecuted by the medical fraternity – and he committed suicide 🙁

  3. Sir,
    If I remember correctly, Modi hasn’t been officially denied the US visa yet since he hasn’t officially applied for one. The entire brouhaha was based on a US senator or official who said it’d be rejected if he replied or something on those lines. Are you talking abt this only?

  4. @Sachin: capitalist america? it is the American GOVT prosecutor who was hounding Aaron swartz.IP and copyrights are not capitalistic concepts. they are state granted protection rights to incumbents.the free market has no place for IP -which is a misnomer.it should be intellectual poverty.
    aaron swartz was a freedom fighter hounded by the Ortiz -a paper pushing bureaucrat

  5. @Pravin, I mean to say about the “capitalist” mentality in America. If you live here you will understand that the fed structure in US is very different than india. Every thing is lobby driven. Few folks start petition and others sign/join it and make it as rule. Lobby plays major role in the LAW making that US govt implement.
    Aaron Swartz illegally downloading articles from JSTOR, but JSTOR “do not” want to pursue the case. In india this would have be open and shut case with no one being charged. But in USA some govt official using system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach continue the case.
    And what was offered on table — Face 35 years in prison or plead guilty and get six months jail. Most of the folks will plead guilty even if they are not due to fear.
    Because 35 years jail term to way absurd. Even murderers are not given such harsh punishment. Rajaratnam gets 11 years jail term and Rajat Gupta gets 3 years for insider trading, but aaron swartz was to get 35 years.
    I accept that he may have done wrong by downloading IP material but 35 years is too much if you consider the intension of doing so.

    Now petition is filed against Ortiz to remove her as district attorney. As it surpassed the barrier of 25K votes, official response is expected from White House.

    Subra — This will be last comment from my side on this blog post. As i have to respond to pravin…may be lengthy one…

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