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Pakistan and USA: History of relationship!

Most people coming to this blog are born post 1985!! That is really young – when I say most I mean it is over 52% of the visitors. So while most of you know your history well you may not find such a nice article on the relationship between the terrorist state of Pakistan and […]

The Death of Bin Laden

Osama is dead and Obama is rejoicing the murder. Surely 10 years ago – 9/11 Osama was rejoicing. Is there a difference between the two reactions? Well I do not know…. Taliban moved into the American airspace with American aircrafts….nobody in the USA knew about it…obviously. Obama moved into Pakistani territory, 30 km from Islamabad, […]

Seafarer’s plight..

From time to time the definition of what is a ‘good job’ keeps changing. In the 1970s it was a job in the American Oil companies. When people said they were working in ‘Esso’ or ‘Caltex’ – it was a great job. Esso was an acronym for ‘Every Saturday and Sunday Off’ – quite unheard […]

Narendra Modi…

Just like my post on Sathya Sai Baba here is a post on Narendra Modi. Not a great fan of his role in the riots, but a big fan of his administrative capabilities. Have interacted with enough of the bureaucrats of Guj to know that he has done a great job. I have no clue […]

Hello Anupam Kher…

Anupam Kher went to Delhi and said ‘the constitution should be changed’…now the ‘leaders’ of the dalits…decided that he could get some publicity (i refuse to name him). He decided to throw stones at his house…obviously his purpose was served. I still remember a rally in Mumbai (Rajiv Gandhi’s visit)..when one of the ‘blue’ supporters […]

Anna Hazare’s fast

Once in a while a man comes along willing to offer you his everything. Including his life. It is not easy, not many of us can do it. If I give somebody a book out of my super overflowing library, I keep track to get it back. I have no clue when I gave something […]

Iceland Resurfaces

Iceland is a remarkable success story – by going against the advise of some ‘smart’ bankers like the American bankers. There is a brilliant article in Bloomberg (so those who have access to Bloomberg please read ‘Iceland Resurfaces, by Yalman Onaran) -it is there in the printed version also with a brilliant photograph by Tom […]