Just like my post on Sathya Sai Baba here is a post on Narendra Modi. Not a great fan of his role in the riots, but a big fan of his administrative capabilities. Have interacted with enough of the bureaucrats of Guj to know that he has done a great job.

I have no clue what happened in the Ahmedabad riots – after all I was in Ahmedabad. Amazingly I was staying in Karnavati club – and my lectures were at the Indian Management Association – if I have go the name right. This is very near the IIM – and a rick distance from Karnavati club. The club used to be packed – there was no place to swim or park your car. I would have dinner in my room because the restaurant was full. However when I went into the room it used to be scary. Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai used to show pictures of ALL OF AHMEDABAD BURNING. Well let me repeat we need a channel election soon….

Here is an article in Pioneer – since many of you do not read Pioneer (Pioneer what? is what a friend just said!)….here is a link…


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  1. You may like him or hate him – but you cannot ignore him.

    Modi success story in Gujarat has evidently created more enemies than what he deserves.

  2. subrabhai,
    We have a saying in gujarati, if you press the nose, the mouth will open– Mr Bhatt’s sudden awakening of conscience was questionable right from the beginning. This link only validates.

    What is worrying me is the kind of scoffing and disdain the state is subject to, non-stop. does not augur well for the long term. peace and all that is fine, but how much scorn can one put up with?

  3. While I reallly appreciate the development work done by my Modi in Gujrat, don’t you think this article has a political motivation in bringing out these charges against the police officer at this point of time?

    Think about it – Did any of the actions done by this police officer in past lead to mass genocide, roits and and crime against a specific community? NO. All the bad that he has done is pitty when compared to the henious crime that Mr Modi did.

    Read the title of the Article “Why IPS Bhatt hates Narendra Modi?”. In the whole aricle, the writer tells every thing about the shadey past of the officer, but do you find a singe line in the article that tells why Bhatt hates Modi? NO! Was there a personal motivation or revenge that Bhatt wanted to take from Modi? NO. The how do you justify the title?

    This attack against Bhatt is usually what happens to all the whistle blowers and activists. Why nobody came up with rape charges on Julian Assange till wikileaks came? Why the charges against Bhushans never came before they sterted the fight against corruption?

    The article is clearly biased and politically motivated. I will now think twice before grabbing a copy of Pioneer for my daily feed of news. Sad day for Indian Journalism.

  4. I agree with Mr. Rahul above. The article is hopeless. And I am not too sure about the administrative capabilities of the Guj CM too. I believe it is all hype and no substance. There is not a single Government office in which you can avoid corruption. The status of education in the state is pathetic. Laws and rules are just guidelines. There is rampant land grabbing. Muslim mafia has been replaced by builder mafia. On the roads too, there is scant regard for the safety of pedestrians and total disregard for the rule of law. Police are seen taking bribes on every corner and are routinely seen to be acting violently on behalf of their political masters. Well, these are just some examples. One can not decide about the administrative capacities of India’s most ruthless politician by talking to a few tame bureaucrats and staying in a 5 star facilities for a few days. That is cherry picking at its worst!

  5. Most people make up their mind and then find reasons to justify their position.. confirmation bias. The so-called intellectuals (actually leftists) whether in media, NGOs or professionals hate Modi simply because he threatens their cosy relationships. Because they cannot get him in scams (he either does not take money or is smart enough not to get caught) the only thing they can hang him on is the riots where one image is/was replayed continuously not for hours but for days to give an image of horror.
    The Mumbai riots of 1992 were far worse but of course nobody will indict Sharad Pawar for his links with Dawood and the targeted killing of Mathadi workers which sparked off the riots. All to keep the post of Chief Minister when Sudhakar Naik was finishing off the underworld.(thus threatening his ‘influence’).
    Naturally tapes of Pawar talking to Dawood or Ahmed PAtel talking to hassan Ali will never come out – the media’s amnesia is selective.
    The Pioneer is the only English language paper which does not subscribe to this leftist scam or paid news. Pity its not published in more cities.
    BTW how come nobody wants to say anything when the Swiss ban minarets and the French headscarfs?

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