Anupam Kher went to Delhi and said ‘the constitution should be changed’…now the ‘leaders’ of the dalits…decided that he could get some publicity (i refuse to name him). He decided to throw stones at his house…obviously his purpose was served.

I still remember a rally in Mumbai (Rajiv Gandhi’s visit)..when one of the ‘blue’ supporters carried a placard saying ‘Long live backward classes’…RG called them and said..’Why do you always want to remain backward….dont you want to improve?’. This I guess sums up the attitude of the ‘leaders’ of the backward class movement. They would love to keep them there!!

With a 2/3rd majority the constitution can be amended and I guess it is sheer jealousy and knowing that the ruling govt. will anyway not act against a MLA that allows such ‘followers’ to act in such a manner. Will action ever be taken against such ‘leaders’ ? I doubt. Of course Anupam could have turned it to ‘I had gone to Delhi for a fight against corruption and these ‘educated MLAs’ attacked my house…however it does not matter.

Here is an article  – a letter to Anupam..however it is in Marathi. It is a simple one…non Marathi readers please excuse…

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  1. Hi,
    I am d author of d above mentioned blog, (pen-fool). I appreciate that u have noticed my views abt Anupanm Kher’s issue.
    only thing I didn’t like in ur atricle is the mention of ‘BHIMS.’
    U hv mentioned d R.P.I. activists as ‘bhims.’ Actually Bhim was d 1st name of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. As he himself was not of d mentality of these so called ‘Bhim sainiks’, why u r calling them by his name? So from my point of view Bimrao Ambedkar was a gr8 man… and these karyakartas r not. Therefore mentioning them as Bhims is not acceptable.
    Thanks for sharing this space to put my views.
    Keep interacting for d betterment of d society.

  2. @ Milind,
    Thnx for readng my blog and appreciatng my views.
    but it was a painfull process writng this post.
    Keep interacting.

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