Osama is dead and Obama is rejoicing the murder. Surely 10 years ago – 9/11 Osama was rejoicing. Is there a difference between the two reactions? Well I do not know….

Taliban moved into the American airspace with American aircrafts….nobody in the USA knew about it…obviously.

Obama moved into Pakistani territory, 30 km from Islamabad, 500 M from a military establishment and killed Osama – whom he could have perhaps taken prisoner (?) …..nobody in Pakistan knew about it….. not so obviously.

Pakistan is now doomed. It can either accept it knew everything (and risk Taliban killing its citizen at a rate greater than the current rate of 50 people a day. Or it can risk the claim that they did not know what was happening – thus accept that they are a terrorist state.

The implication for India and USA is not too great. The markets are also a cause of big worry. They did not react to any of the bad news – Japanese crisis, Middle east crisis, a rogue nuclear state, a rogue Somalia suspiciously close to the insurance providers (!!), Obama killing Osama,…..the right level of the Dow is about 7k.

Scary. 30th June watch out for Ben Bernanke’s dealing with debt. Not sure how many of us are realising the enormity of the US Debt figure. Will do a post on that later :-).

Market is stunningly high in the world scenario….what to do? Search me. I am in equities too, worried yes, but invested yes too….

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  1. Well.. this is called.. Jor ka jhatka, dheere se laga 🙂
    All is said but still nothing to worry?

  2. There is no iota of doubt that Pakistan was aware of the happenings – Proof of that will come when American aid starts flowing smoothly to Pakistan again !!!

  3. is it ok to kill the son of a murderer or a terrorist? I think it sucks…Just because Americans have the muscle power they do all this shit. India should then just shoot down the brothers, sisters, mother …of Dawood who are all in India. Why we can even shoot down his ‘Sambandhi’ – anyway we all hate him for the six that he hit off Chetan Sharma’s full toss!! LOL

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