Manish of sent me a mail of an article in Maharashtra Times (here is the link)…talking about how people should try to learn from websites…

here is the link

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  1. aho finance baddal boltana sagle lok Gambhir zaale …tar Gautam Gambhir cha kay honar???

    i think finance is too imp to be left only to the professionals…jokers like us are very important so that people do not die of seriousness 🙂

  2. i also think manjranjak paddhati is Manish’s comment..a journo has to read a lot of articles before coming to such a conclusion…

  3. ata office madhey link disat nahi,kay karaicha, pan article changla ahey tey mala mahit.
    saru chey.


  4. website cha url madhey “www” add karu shakto ka?
    ata address sampoorna nahi.

    sorry- don’t mean to spam.

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