Once in a while a man comes along willing to offer you his everything. Including his life. It is not easy, not many of us can do it. If I give somebody a book out of my super overflowing library, I keep track to get it back.

I have no clue when I gave something which money cannot buy or I cannot replace to anybody! Even giving to own family is tough for me…and here is a man giving it all away.

Do I have any MORAL right to support Anna Hazare? I do not know. I am not attending his rally today, but yes tom is a fast…I hope many of my readers join me.

Do I have a MORAL right? Have I given a bribe in my life, YES of course, when it suited me. Have I written against corruption, of course YES when it suited me.

So if here I who has given a bribe, got a lunch bill paid by a corrupt government servant, traveled by a car owned by a rich private sector employee, collected fees from a corrupt government employee, helped a corrupt government employee create a portfolio….can support Anna Hazare..surely all of you reading my blog can, na?

post it, mail it, read it, hear it, tweet it, support it….we need to get rid of the Rajas to make way for the praja if we think we are in a democracy.

Will this make a difference? I know not, but we need to try na? lets give it a try. It is a humble request…


if you want to see how much progress he has made…well MoneyLife has a story..read on


of course there is no private sector participation, obviously no media company is taking any definitive stand. Lots of jingoism, of course private sector corruption, media corruption, etc. are too big to be talked about on day one. Here is praying for the health of Anna Hazare, and wishing him a good long nice life…and hope MMS does at least one act of conscience before he hangs his boots.

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  1. Subra,

    I feel sad that people like Anna Hajare do not make an impact on society. No one has time for such good samaritans in these days.

    The corrupt have sucha strength that common man can have no impact. I can not seea single good politician these days. I too have given bribes to get things done and feel bad about it. Problem is to fight this menace is too tiring and difficult. No one gets punished for corruption. I have a neighbor who was an anti corruption officer. His bungalow is very sign of corruption.

  2. Anna Hazare is a noble man. So was Gandhi. They are a rare breed.

    Nothing much can be done unless you and I change from inside.

    In a country like ours, I’m not sure whether one can survive without paying bribe at all from traffic constable to the most powerful one.

    I only hope Parliament take a serious look at Lokpal bill, even though it would be against the selfish interest of some of the members of the parliament.

  3. This new proposed lokpal bill is drafted to cut the power & authorities of flying corrupt politicians & bureaucrats.

    At present these corrupt people are flying high since they are above the law through our corrupt constitution that they themselves made.

    Now first time through some honest & truly country lover people drafted NEW VERSION OF LOKPAL BILL. (remember same bill is waiting in parliament for 42 years with lot of loopholes)

    When this new revised bill is made by non political & non bureaucratic people there is no wonder that Politicians & Bureaucrats are going to hate this. This bill is going to restrict their freedom for doing all the wrong things but hope we may get more true freedom.

    Jai ho.

  4. but,what is to prevent this mythical lokpal commitee/supreme court judge/ombudsman from being corrupt in turn? .this whole saviour fixation amazes me. power corrupts.the lokpal will be no different.
    if anna had asked for the govt to give up its powers and “responsibilities” by 95%,i’d go with him.heck,if he had even hinted in that direction,i’d be happy. he did say, janata maalik and govt sevak,but really,arent we all conditioned to saying :so and so “came to power”. i mean decentralization of power is far from our demands.
    this is like hoping some mythical sebi chairman will save our investing butts

  5. WHY NOT CALL THIS MOVEMENT ” SATYAGRAH” rather just simple “fast”
    fighting an inner enemy is as tough as fromm outside ,sometimes more

  6. subra ji,

    One of your best post… rathere, one of the best way you projected some thing you want to project.

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