What does a common man expect from the government?

– Create an environment where the Private sector is willing to invest for a decent profit.

– Law and Order

-External Affairs



– Infrastructure of the type in which the Private sector is too small to invest, or in which the government will (strategically) not allow the private sector player to be as single player.

– Infrastructure in which the private sector will not invest because it is not profitable – like hospitals meant for the lower end of the population.

Where would we rank Congress in all these areas?

I think it is a miserable failure. I can speak only for Mumbai – and some parts of Maharashtra.

The Congress government has not been able to ensure 100% power supply in locations where people are willing to pay Rs. 9 an unit and pay all bills on time. We are talking of 100% collection – and hence the power supply is erratic.

The infra sucks. One school in Mumbai which used to charge Rs. 30,000 for a kid in KG – in the year 2001-2, is now charging Rs. 125,000 – for the same. However they have attached an ‘I’ to it – International…Do you have a choice? Well no. The old cbsc has been discontinued…LOL. Parents do not have a choice because there are no schools nearby.

Defense, and Law and Order and the Judiciary – I am not competent to comment, but I think they have not done a good job.

The Government of India could have aggressively sold some PSU shares and used the money to build better schools around the country. Coke is helping create infra in schools – with NDTV. I am happy with the initiative (I do not drink any cola) – it is a shame that the government is not able to do this.

We need the government to invest in primary education, health care, other lower end infrastructure…Those who can pay well will anyway find a ‘pay model’ – it is the lower end of the population which needs help.

Not that BJP will be very different, but it is Congress which has been in power for most of the time….so they will have to take a bigger portion of the blame…


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  1. Hi Surba Sir, I was waiting for one article on this issue from you. Today this is one of the most watched and discussed issue. Somehow Government is thinking that they are King and rules of India and its people. They want to control everyone even MEDIA. Thanks to some of people who dare to challenge them inside the Government (CAG) and outside (Anna Haraze movement). Thanks to great people like Anna for act like RTI and also JanLokpal (very soon to be a reality)

  2. Congress has been in the Government for long, but there has been no governance. It has greatly contributed to degeneration of values and work culture in the country, thanks to its manipulative and divisive practices, apart from gross inaction in thrust areas. One does not really see anyone from the party being purposeful and focussed on any job, except that of queuing up to sing eulogies on the clan. It is almost impossible to find atleast one area where the Government can take credit for initiative, execution and impact.

  3. for the last 10-15 years Congress has chosen jokers to lead Maharashtra – current CM Prithviraj Chauhan is an exception. He is brilliant and honest, but he is not doing anything. We need smart, honest and active CMs – not since YB and to some extent SB Chavan can we find any CM of that caliber. Manohar Joshi worked under the remote of the old man from Bandra, but still delivered something. Otherwise the Maharashtra govt has been a joke…

  4. Healthcare, Education, Infra and Law and order should be some of the primary responsibility of the Govt. For the poorest section of the society as well as for everyone who is willing to use them at a reasonable cost. For those who can afford the high pay model can always chose to go abroad with Sonia for their surgery.

    I mean these basic things should be of such standard that even the upper upper middle class should be able to use them along with the poorest class on a pay model. They shouldn’t be of ‘cattle class’ quality like the current Govt hospitals.

    Education at the elementary level is another big fraud taking shape right now. And in some years it will gains such inertia that, making reforms will be hard. Because strong reforms will mean putting the education of so many kids at stake.

    Long live our corrupt models!!

  5. Why do people elect the Congress again and again. Inspite of the Mumbai riots indicating lack of government responsibility, Congress was voted back in Mumbai. In spite of Vilasrao Deshmukh having to resign because of corruption allegations, he was elected to the cricket board. Why are voters so stupid?

  6. The central govt was voted back to power in 2009 purely based on the farm loan waiver and the NREGA. If only our netas had diverted some of their creativity from scams to governance, we would,’t be in such a fiscal mess now.

    When there was already a labor shortage in the rural areas, they came up with NREGA. Some creativity there could have made the exercise more productive than just digging and filling up pits. The scheme could have been married to agriculture by footing a part of the wage bill thereby increasing food production, a major contributor of inflation today, or in other essential areas like unmanned level crossings, security etc. If you want better governance, a Chinese political model would be what would work in India. Democracy has been downgraded to vote bank politics.

    We have a (creative) financial inclusion program of different sorts now. Bribing the voter himself (sharing the loot) has become the norm now, at least in TN.

  7. Dare I say this? What happens to the states where governance is acceptable, even good? Twenty, thirty years down the line, fifty years down the line?

    Will the other crabs pull this one down?

  8. Our parliament is currently a total joke. Ruling party as well as opposition are all just a bunch of JOKERS.

    Congress is getting more and more disconnected with the people. 70% of the population which is depending on agriculture is having a growth of 3% or less with inflation into the double figures. Corruption and dictotorial attitude is their motto. Biggest joke is the “line of poverty”…….

    But sorry look at the opposition – dont allow govt for any policy decision is the only policy… Scream for JPC, one parliament session was gone and when it was constituted was is the use. Frankly the loss of session with policy paralysis should be more than the entire 2G losses…Let the govt declare a policy and we will speak against it is the way for them rather than demanding anything good. Communists are becoming history…None are giving any confidance by words, deeds nor actions

    It’s because of the these massive failures ANNA HAZARE movement was such a big success. Unless we strenthen/ revamp the whole system to get a active Govt, faster judiciary and trustworthy executive the whole story of growth and global power… are all useless.

    Some ray of hope of good leaders in few states, but some cannot come to the centre / some will not be allowed to, by all the above JOKERS. So how India will get out of this mess. GOD KNOWS…..

  9. True. But we, as citizens also need to do our bit. At least for Mumbai we have an opportunity in the Municipal Elections to ensure some capability in the candidates.
    I can see how Calcutta / Kolkata lost out under the commies, Maharashtra is on its way there. Sad, a once great state is now filled with politicians aspiring for greatness – in accumulating personal wealth by looting the people.
    Inflation kills the poor yet we have ‘subsidised’ horror shows called NREGA which manages to BOTH make labour unproductive AND drive up inflation. Only the left wing idiots at NAC could have dreamed up this monstrosity.Makes the old Soviet Union look benign and Datta Samant productive!

  10. Part of the blame had to be on the people(we) who elect them. For ex in AP when it’s ruled by CBN tried to bring some discipline into governance and some reasonable work to lazy goct employees & tried to libaralize some policies (he too had many corruption charge &his party is favor to a major caste in AP) but in the next elections he was removed from power. The reason is many govt employees who are posted as polling agents polled many fake votes against him. The main reason is not even caste but he forced them to do their work. Then came in AP the farmer savouir late YSR who didn’t done anything except free current and some looting schemes for politicians & reverted the unnecessary buracrecy (there by bribes for goct employees). Then he was reelected with a vast majority. At least the position of AP was not bad with him, but with his demise the situation of AP now became worst in worst with all the fighting between all second rung leaders. So jaisa Praha, waisa raja.
    Note: I am not too a fan of CBN nor his party

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