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Brokers cheat, you need to be prepared!

So you lost a bunch of money in the market, right? You bought Crest Animation, K S Oil, Punj Lloyd. None of them are likely to be anywhere near your cost for the next decade or two. Or you bought Kingfisher shares because somebody came on Television and told you it is a great buy. […]

My investing mistakes…continued

The mistakes that I made in my equity investing have now been well documented. Now I will tell you some more shares where I did not make ENOUGH money. This is the mistake of spotting the opportunity but not having the brain power to stay through the full journey of wealth creation. Infosys: My investing […]

Businesses have to be ethical and worried about reputation….

This is perhaps one of the biggest lies that is told to children when they are in school and college. Then you have people like Warren Buffett who say “It takes a life time to build reputation and a very short time to lose it”. So you tend to believe that reputation is very important, […]

Need holistic advisors please

When you go to a doctor you get a feeling that you have gone to a person who is completely ‘loyal’ to one school of thought. So you have a allopathy slave, a homeopathy slave, a unani slave…… NO DOCTOR has the patient’s good at heart? Not sure if it is too sweeping, but why […]

Why the govt is called a Rogue promoter….

I have referred to the low p/e of psu companies many times in my past posts. For many people who do not have any exposure to the government’s way of working, this may sound surprising. Let me also clarify that calling the government a rogue does not mean I am saying that the private sector […]

Smart bankers….and impacted IFAs

For the past one year Mutual funds are falling over themselves to please the bankers. However it is not having a great impact on the net sales. For many mutual funds, the ‘net sales’ figure by the big banks isĀ  NEGATIVE figure. When you talk to a banker however they are not so negative, and […]

Conflict of interest

If you do not know who is paying your financial planner, take heart, you are paying a much higher price than you want to. Frankly it does not matter what a person calls himself / herself. If a person says ‘I will spend time with you and make a financial plan, and I will charge […]