I have referred to the low p/e of psu companies many times in my past posts. For many people who do not have any exposure to the government’s way of working, this may sound surprising.

Let me also clarify that calling the government a rogue does not mean I am saying that the private sector is a paragon of virtue. Far from it. They are sometimes worse – but the government has all the tools necessary to manipulate the facts. The amazing ability to obfuscate, manipulate evidences, bribe the judges, threaten the police – the private sector just cannot do it.

I have seen a couple of criminal investigations – and was stunned by the police’s ability to solve cases so quickly. I have also seen cases where the police knew what was happening, but their hands were tied. One police officer understood the ‘badla’ system in half an hour. It is not easy, I can assure you.

Rarely have I seen tehelka take on the government in power, but sometimes they do. The 1984 carnage was perhaps a bigger blot on India than the Jalianwala baug killing by a Foreign Government. I have read a lot about it, and here are some more facts – be warned it will take you 2-3 hours to read all the links here. They too have been very charitable towards Amitabh Bachhan – nothing has been mentioned about his role….but that is life, right? Read on


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  1. Hi Subra,
    So in investment perspective, by looking at low P/E from govt companies, it shows people are not expecting much growth in it. So can we say it is better not to have govt stocks in our portfolio?


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