If a client had asked me ‘should I take 18% stake in a limited company’ I would NEVER, EVER, EVER have considered the risk that the 82% can decide to take the company private. It would not have crossed my mind. I confess.

Another thing which I am impressed is the role of the public trustee. Or the fact that the trust’s vote is always exercised by RNT or his nominees.

Make no mistake Tata group is privately held by one man. I have no clue about what happens to the Trust’s votes AFTER the life of RNT. Does it go to the public trustee or does it come to the Chairman of Tata Sons? That means NC could have so much control over the group. Really? well intriguing.

At that stage will it become a Parsi vs non Parsi fight? will Cyrus be more acceptable than NC if RNT ceases to be around? The trust vote going to NC could make him an autocrat?

Why is the trust not bothered about the shares in a private company being worthless compared to shares in a limited company? beats me.

I am just asking the questions. Seriously I do not have the answers.


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