If you know people in the BFSI space chances are you will know many people in that space, right? So what happens is you get one or two calls a week from people who are looking for a change. Not that they are unemployed, but they are just looking. Well, well.

Then there are people who know and accept that they are terribly overpaid in this market and keep wondering what to do. Some of them are smart enough to realise that they are overpaid, whild most of the others are not.

Suddenly you receive a pink slip. What will you do?

Cry? because you have no clue who will pay the rent? or the EMI? or the car EMI?

Your expenses are Rs. 70,000 pm – and you have Rs. 203,000 in your bank account. Going with a bowl to your parents or inlaws is out – they live a much much lower standard of living.

What can you really do? Really, nothing.

When should you have been asking this question? long long ago before you committed to that big house, big car, big wedding, big holiday – beyond your current cash flows.

Having said that, better late than never, make a start.

Look at your ‘expensive’ assets. At this stage an expensive asset means one which puts a cash strain on you on a month on month basis. So your Rs. 20,000 airconditioner is far more expensive than your Rs. 40,000 camera. The camera at least does not give you a monthly electricity bill or 4k – that is about 50k per annum. At this stage it surely feels like a luxury, does it not?

House, Cars, airconditioners, holiday packages (you still need to pay the airfare, etc.) – these are the real killers on a cash flow basis, and there is not really too much you can do without. Especially if your family has got used to these ‘luxuries’ ….

Next of course is to search for a job: – this should never have stopped in the first place! If you have a job and you wish to keep it for the next 5 years fine, but, still keeping the options open is very useful! In a fast changing world what happens if your company shuts down, gets taken over by a bigger company, ….so keep your options open.

Make sure that both you and your spouse do not work for the same company – preferably not for the same industry. Imagine the plight of the H and Wife working for Kingfisher (and there were many!) ….


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  1. Thank YOU SUBRA ! And Thanks for an Apt Example in…. “So your Rs. 20,000 airconditioner is far more expensive than your Rs. 40,000 camera”…Its the running cost of AC / CARRRRRR that makes owner- “Depriciating Asset RICH; and Hard CASH POOR !”

  2. People talk about diversifying investment portfolio, but sadly never think about diversifying their income portfolio. Most people are reliant on “employment and salary”. I am alsom but have diversified my income stream to income from FD, mutual funds and futures trading. This world becomes a happy place that way and you wont need to worry about those harsh pink slip.
    Having an AC and a car is not a problem – You can always stop using them – Provided you are not addicted to luxury. Once people enter job straight out of college, they are drawn toward luxury. By passage of time, they get addicted to luxury – Sad but true.

  3. Subra, I feel that a camera of 40000 is a luxury to be avoided…….AC is at least essential if u live in area of extreme climates…..moreover it helps productivity

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