Ok having given such a negative spin to resolutions, I need to tell you HOW it works, right?

Well a resolution does not work unless it is a resolution helping you towards a goal.

So much before the resolution is made, a goal has to be created. Clearly goal setting sounds simple -but is extremely difficult to do.

‘To get richer’ or ‘to get fitter’ – are vague and dream statements, NOT GOALS. It is customary for people to say goals should be

S -Specific




T-time frame / tracked

Well apart from it being SMART, it should be something that you want and want it very badly. For example dropping pant size from 34″ to 32″ – cannot be something that you can want too badly, right? what difference does it make?

On the other hand suppose you say you want to play a good game of badminton – and you realize that you lack the stamina. You go to the Badminton coach. He tells you that you need to work on the upper body for strength and you need to do cardio for stamina.

NOW YOU HAVE A GOAL: To BE able to play badminton for 90 minutes without too much of effort.

Post making this goal if you join a gym – the chances are when the alarm goes off at 5am you are off to the gym. 3 days a week you work on your muscles and do a cardio and 3 days you play badminton. Slowly you see the impact – you are able to smash better, you are able to pick the sharp drops well, you move around the court well….this keeps you enthused in going to the gym and playing badminton. Now this has an impact on you – you drop 3 inches around your waist. You have gone from 34″ to 31″. You go and get a new pant with waist size 30 – hoping to wear it in 2 months!

A goal has to be internal, you must want it very badly, you must be willing to work towards it, you must write it down, track it – manually or through a goal tracking software. Then it happens. Rather Nature conspires it to happen!


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  1. very insightful article.
    ‘Get fitter’ was my goal too.
    As per your article, it should have been ‘managing office, home, young kid without getting tired’ ..:)
    And dropping pant size does make a major difference on how you look 🙂

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