Here are some excuses that normally people give – I have a simple job for you:

Please find the questions for which people give these excuses:

1. I have no time at all: ‘Subra you do not understand. I have a job, it has some stunning deadlines, I travel a lot. I…..’I just do not have time’.

2. I am too tired: Subra by the end of the day, I am too darned tired to do anything. I can just flop in front of the TV and then go off to sleep…

3. I do not want to look silly in front of the crowd.

4. It is just too much – and I have no clue where to start….

5. It is too expensive – really unaffordable for me.

Now will you please tell me what was my question(s)?

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  1. 1. Why dont you go for a medical checkup?
    2. Why not join me for a walk in the morning?
    3. Dont invest in Gold. It is a bubble.
    4. Start cleaning up your financial investments, it is full of useless ULIPS, Endowments, plans which is depreciating your net worth…
    5. Why not buy a term plan for you for a crore?

  2. Clever one ! Depending on how much of a conscience one has it could be anything from treating the spouse better , to starting a SIP, or making a will !!
    Truly a Guru.

  3. Your question would be revolving around Health and Wealth.

    Health : Your Health is Messy,Why dont you spend time for yourself?

    Wealth : Just like Your Health, your financial Plan is messy, why dont you visit a good financial planner?

    Am i Right ? 🙂

  4. The question could be :

    – Why do you look at Financial Planning for your self? or
    – Why do you not look at a Family health check up/ understanding session?

    I do not recommend a “good financial planner” – because he is like Santa Claus.

    Wears Red comes only on once in a YEAR. And he is a fictional character.

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