Hi Subra …should we do some training?

Me: Of course R, we should…but tell me what.

R: Actually whatever you want. Communication skills, Sales Closing skills, How to make a Powerful Sales Opening….

Me: hey but I rarely do this kind of stuff…I do domain related stuff, you know that for the past 10 years at least?

R: Arre itna gyan math de yaar..kuch to kar..sales ki vaat lagi hai..do something to increase sales.

So today clients, friends, potential clients all call up for only ONE thing, how to open the clients wallet so big that they can walk into it!

I said there are too many of you, too much over-paid (eeks), too many products, too little differentiation, very posh offices, ….a laxative or preferably a 20 day Vipasna camp is necessary for the industry.

However the whole thing has been put very well by Debashis Basu in this article..


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