Live life to YOUR needs…

There are a lot of people who do not conform. The sometimes do not do well academically in school, office, either marry late or marry badly, some marry ‘outside’ the community,….there are many non-conformist. To me the non-conformist is an enigma.

Dr. Balamurali Krishna (he has all the awards other than the Bharat Ratna) is one such person. He has done very little formal education. However he has given more than 75,000 recitals can sing in more than a dozen languages, can play any musical instrument…quite amazing.

One more person like this is ‘Krishna Premi’ – again not much formal education, can speak more than a dozen languages, has read the Ramayana in all the Indian languages in which it is written…

both of them have a huge fan following. Here is a website by another unconventional guy…read on…

Can you imagine there being a man who does not own a car, cribs and cringes about using public transport (too expensive) ..but has seen upwards of 142 countries of the world?

Welcome to the world of getting your priorities right…

read about him…

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3 Responses to “Live life to YOUR needs…”

  1. Dear Mr. Subra,

    I think this is a repeat post, I have read it before.

  2. nice to notice attentive readers :). Yes it is a repeat..on days when I do 2-3 posts one of them is a repeat. Normally.

  3. Dear Mr. Subra,

    I read your posts everyday without fail. trying to understand the lines and also in between the lines.

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