Why people borrow…..

There is no research in India done on topics like why people borrow, or how people invest…but here is an attempt at guessing…. 1. People borrow to buy assets : buying a car, a motorcycle, a house…..etc. requires sums of money that a person may not have, so borrowing becomes a must. 2. To pay […]

Are you better off than 5 years ago?

Well, if you were in the US and I were a Pres candidate…i would have been forced to ask you this question. Well politics aside, this is a question that you should keep asking yourself EVERY year. In case of your personal life, hobbies, work, relationships, etc. you need to frame your own questions.I do […]

the regulator’s story…..

The most important thing about a regulator is he speaks in the language of the MOST powerful player. Period. So if it is RBI he will speak in the same tone as State Bank of India. If it is Insurance, it will sound like LIC and in case of mutual funds it used to be […]

Rational reasons for real estate prices to be high…..

If you believe that all bubbles are created by RATIONAL reasons and causes taken to IRRATIONAL HEIGHTS, welcome to the post. Is Mumbai real estate terribly high and unaffordable? Yes. Let us come to some RATIONAL reasons why people buy: 1. If we do not buy NOW we will never be able to buy in […]

A new insurance sales method…..

Good morning Mr. Subramanyam, this is Mr. A Saxena from Metlife Insurance company, can I speak to you for 5 minutes? Me: Yes please go on… Saxena: Sir you have 3 policies of Metlife which has expired, and ML has returned only Rs. 25,000 to you. Actually you have paid Rs. 125,000. We found that […]

How is your eating connected to your investing?

Is your investing similar to your eating? Let us see. If I were to call in a team of about 40 people into a class room and ask them a few questions…let us see what kind of answers we are likely to get. Then later on we will see why. 1. What kind of food […]

Buy pure term insurance only!

Read an amazing article on 10 March in a national pink daily on Term Insurance with Return of Premium. ROP as it is called. The author had argued that a Term ROP should not be bought because it is more expensive than the pure Term insurance and hence it should not be bought. This is […]