Thank You Warren Buffet!

I am very, very old fashioned in my ‘valuation’ techniques. If you search through my blog you will see a lot of posts criticising the new gen valuation techniques. I used to like the PDR – price to DIVIDEND ratio. Then my valuation friends changed it to PER (price earning ratio). Of course then there […]

The Rich and Greedy Mutual Fund Distributor!

The way the media is talking about the mutual fund distributor, the common man must be thinking that the IFA or the ‘agent’ as is generally known must be a big, rich guy, right? No. Most, if not all are agents by force. The financial service industry is very class conscious and recruits only MBAs […]

Getting better customer service

It is not easy being in the retail business. And surely not so for arrogant old economy companies who have sold in the control regime economy. So what should you do if you get bad service? Go viral. Yes the Indian net penetration is no patch on the US as a %age of penetration, but […]

4 crucial factors for Retirement corpus creation

  This may sound very simple, but then simple things which we think are common sense need to be told…right? So what are the 4 crucial factors that determine your retirement corpus amount? Well if you do not know, here are the 4 factors: 1. How much you invest:  Many people think that they know […]

Graduating to go Nowhere?

If statistics are to be believed about 70% of the Engineers and MBAs of the class of 2011 are still looking for a job. Now about a Million kids of 2012 will be added to this pile of ‘Qualified Job Seekers’. Well most of them will graduate and continue to depend on their parents for […]

Spending beyond one’s means….

If you are not earning too well, well, you are not earning too well, dammit! Learn to live within your budget. Stop asking how will pay for my luxuries! Hey sending a kid ABROAD is not a necessity, but a super luxury. I know of about 30 kids who have gone to the UK for […]

Work for yourself, not for your employer

  I did a lot of trainings for a big PSU bank. Entering a training room was no great pleasure, but it was work! In a class of 50 people, about 42 would be present. On the second day about 37 would be present. However this 37 would include 8 who were not there on […]