If statistics are to be believed about 70% of the Engineers and MBAs of the class of 2011 are still looking for a job. Now about a Million kids of 2012 will be added to this pile of ‘Qualified Job Seekers’.

Well most of them will graduate and continue to depend on their parents for Lodging and Boarding. Not that they are to be blamed for what is happening in the economy, but their choice to do an MBA itself was some kind of escapism from the ‘need to look for a job’. This then followed up with attitude:

‘Subra sir…this job which I am being to do…EVEN A BCOM can do said a girl who is now doing clerical work in a bank, but she has been nicely designated Assistant Manager’ .

Here is a summary of what fresh MBAs SHOULD BE CAREFUL about while starting their career:

1. “My learning is over”: sorry kids your education is a great start of your learning, not the end. Life is a long process of learning, so please continue.

2. “This Job is too low”: when you have a student loan (if your dad paid for it, well it is a loan from him) and you have to pay for food and board you cannot be too choosy. The market is cruel, and fresh jobs are not being created everyday.

3. “I have spent Rs. 10 Lakhs on my MBA, SO….”: I got the CV of a kid who spent Rs. 10L on a very highly (over) advertised MBA. His best job offer was for Rs. 1 L p.a. Sorry no IRR calculator will work…but do not be choosy. Choose AFTER you have a job.

4. “My networking is on Facebook” – no comments.

5. “My parents, teachers, etc. cannot help”: wrong. The more the people in a job hunt, the better off you are, so use their help.

well there are many more….we will see them as we go. Do remember if you are graduating from UK or an US university the situation is much worse than this.

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  1. Thank You For an eye opener.Many parents and students feel that MBA is a MUST and foreign Degrees are GREAT !

    When Flood comes ,its Big Trees that washed away first .So keep ego at Bay and Take a first job student get .Your Earning may not be great but GURU – Experience comes in your life and teaches all of us ,what works and what dosent in a Large University Called LIFE.Sooner we start learning ,better our chance of surviving ,when Flood comes .CHECKOUT Greece Election Aftermath and lets pray we survive !!

  2. pooja ramchandran

    are your articles not too much biased against MBA as a group, and employees in particular?

    new private sector banks do not have any clerks and very few peons…so many of us end up doing a lot of clerical work also…frankl i do not see anything wrong with that…

  3. Sanjay Singhaniya

    Subra sir,
    Don’t you think that salary behaves like anchor? I mean if a person X is getting paid 1LPA then next job would come around at most 2-3LPA. Why to incur a job switch for such a paltry salary? Better to look out for jobs of 2-3LPA.
    By the way, I was shocked to see figure of 1 lac per annum. It is just 8 thousand per month. It is not worth a stipend, forget about salary.
    The fact is ground work is most of time a dumb job. Thats why people want to reach up in the ladder. One should not be asked to do the calculation by hand before giving him a calculator.

    I know that there are simply too many MBA colleges and many of them are not worth of spending 2 years of life. Still 1LPA is too low. I would have liked to know name of the college and university.

  4. I am of the opinion that right education has got quite a lot of power in it. what ever you do, do it with passion. B.Com or MBA
    there is not much of scope for avergae candidates. Average meaning not the one with less marks. You need to be smart.

    Smart + Good percentage is Bingoooo….

    Some where the college also plays very important role in getting good job for you. environment is very important.

  5. GOOOOOOOOD Post Subra…..

    We (Parent as well as chile) forget that our learning stops only when we’re dead (or is it other way around?).

    Loved the way you have put forward these options, sharing with my college profs. so that they can circulate it to current batch.

  6. @Sanjay : Assuming I got an offer of 1LPA on 1st Jan 2012 and continued working till 30 June 2012, and then I got opportunity to switch to better paying job, I would have earned for that 6 months (only bearly though) but I would have had my expenses covered and wouldn’t have asked for anyone for monetory help; I wouldn’t have burdened my parents.
    And if I would have waited for “THAT” big switch till July, I not only would have lost on monetory terms but on moral grounds as it would have been frustrating times of jobless wait…

  7. Sanjay Singhaniya

    Let me know what a smart B.Com. guy can do. Have you come across such people? can you give example of such people. How did s/he managed to scale to new high?
    The fact is if your education is not good enough you wont go past resume screening round of HR.

  8. To get more insights, if a large number of (financially) successful people are interviewed about stories of their professional journey,it might perhaps give us a better clue to different roads to success. But as Subramaniam rightly says, one can’t afford to lose sight of the right hand column.

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