Must read this!

It is customary for older people to talk about the loose morals of the younger generation, the increased corruption, and lamenting ‘In our times things were not as bad’. Frankly some of the horror stories that I have heard in banking channels makes me wonder, if I have no clue of the eps, why bother […]

Housing Finance Problem or Solution?

In the 1960s if you wanted to buy a house, it was considered almost impossible to get a home loan. It was only in 1980 that Hdfc started giving home loans – and that too sensible amounts. That explains why Hdfc is so popular – people love the guys who gave them the HOME. Especially […]

The best share may already be there….

No, this is not a post…just a FB type of a comment. When a public issue of L&T Finance was announced (about a year back?)…many of the employees of the L&T group called me. Many of them were thrilled that they would be getting some ‘fixed quota’. I am not sure if I could have […]

Shift to equities…? which equities?

A few fund managers are visibly making statements like ‘this is a great time to be investing in equities…because equities are low’. Not true. If you do not know which equity share to buy (or which fund manager to back) ….you may end up buying real expensive stocks which are currently booming. If you are […]

Goldman Sachs.. at its best

you build up a company, then you want to sell the company. who do you go to? a big Investment / Merchant banker? For him you are small change (obviously with million dollar bonuses, if your fees is ONLY 5 million dollars..) In Indian conditions, it must be worse of course. read on how YOU […]

Subra we want some advice please….

Here are some questions: i have already answered them in earlier posts, hence just connecting..sadly wordpress is not working well…and I am not able to link it..please cut and paste the links on the browser and it should work… 1. Subra I agree that short term predicting of markets is difficult, but some of these […]

Your retirement it yourself

As the economy gets more open and more connected to the world, investing is becoming and will become more difficult. Once upon a time you bought a HUL, L&T, …(sorry I am saying all this with hindsight bias) and then hoped that life is easy. You joined the government services and were sure that at […]