It is customary for older people to talk about the loose morals of the younger generation, the increased corruption, and lamenting ‘In our times things were not as bad’.

Frankly some of the horror stories that I have heard in banking channels makes me wonder, if I have no clue of the eps, why bother about p/e ratio. Asking a psu company to pay Rs. 5 crores for ads on Indira’s birthday seems to be unnecessary – the MD is anyway happy to do it, without being told.

India looks like a kleptocracy…..but 

Here is a brilliant article (only thing you can hold against the article is it is long!). I do not know how many of you are interested in the Chinese economy (believe me in another 5 years, ALL of us will be interested in that economy).

Read this article, then cut the whole article and paste it in a word document. Change from China to India – do a ‘find’ and ‘replace’.

Then read it again.

It might fit just as right. I just do not know how CORRECT this article is…nor the author’s credentials..but it is a brilliant article and surely worth reading…


I have given the hot link even in the first comment…as I seem to be having some problem with my service provider…


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  1. No Sir, this cannot and does not happen in India. As one cartoonist rightly said , we invented the Zero and the Congress invented zero loss !
    Besides the Chinese kleptocracy still delivers decent infrastructure. I suspect if we get that level of infra the Indian public will not mind the loot or at least shout a little less..

  2. Yes we invented zero and we have a great culture blah blah blah…but look at 80% of the population. Pardon me but half the population does not even know that they are supposed to wash their hands with soap and water after going for a poo in the loo. A nation which does not care for personal hygiene is a 3rd class nation.

    Look at the washrooms in office complexes, shop complexes, size of Bathrooms WCs in apartments. Last priority given to washrooms!!!

    Dirty nation!!!! Dirty citizens!!!! Dirty minds!!!

    U very well know the end result.

  3. @Jai Ho, even the British thought exactly the same thing…and so they established water pipelines for bringing water from ‘clean’ places into urban centers…that allowed more concentration of people in cities, and more diseases like malaria. Even contagious diseases gained extra foothold and affected more people simply because of higher population density…nothing else.
    We evolved from animals who neither have soap nor wash their ‘poo’ after doing it. And to my knowledge, we evolved just fine! In fact…its the intervention of modern technology and modern lifestyle whose ‘end result’ is totally unknown.

    P.S. Inside your body, your own poo is less than an arm’s length from your mouth and nose. How do you deal with that, Mr Squeaky Clean?

  4. Jai Ho

    May I know 10 steps that you took to keep YOUR building clean? Or 10 people whom you tried to change? Or when was the last time that you spit on the road?

    Indians are clean inside their house, OR in countries where being dirty will attract fines / deportation. Simple.

    no clue about your background, but would prefer that you be civil towards fellow readers, and DO something about the change u want to do.

    I have a no edit policy, help me keep it that way.

  5. Dear Subra for Petes sake I am the last person to be rude or to hurt any living/nonliving being let alone ur readers.

    I am shocked and really dont understand how u got the idea that I was being rude to somebody here. Pls pls trust me that was never never the intention at all pls.

    I beg pardon with folded hands and on my knees from the owner of this blog as well as all readers if inadvertently I hurt somebody.

    U r absolutely right. The change must come within us and I am on that path and doing fine, but yes I aint calling myself perfect at all. But if I want to be Mr. Squeaky Clean and also demand a clean earth is it wrong? Pls?

    I just mentioned a fact of life in India and it is the TRUTH. The truth howsoever bitter must be swallowed.

    Dear Lucky u r absolutely right. But here I am talking about hygiene. What can u do about something lying inside one’s body? U have to let it be. But one can surely do the act of discarding it and cleaning up properly in a more civilized way isnt it? Is it not good hygiene? Am I wrong?

    Have u seen the washrooms in railway stations in India? Is it wrong to demand that they be as spacious, well provided, clean and kept clean?

    Did u read how much the planning commission spent on their Toilets recently?

    Isnt it a fact that builders deliberately scrounge on washroom space and facilities while building commercial complexes as well as residences? Does that not reflect the general mentality on hygiene of people in India?

    Is it bad to be Mr. Squeaky Clean??? Tell me is Cleanliness a sin?

    Let us face the truth head on and we might be better citizens and keep a better earth for our future generations.

  6. I completely agree with thoughts of Jai Ho.. I mean when someone points out the faults ( a lot doesnt need any pointing ) , ppl jump the ship by all this NRI drama.. Well guys , honestly thetruth is we arent taught basic manners , hygiene etc in an institutionalized way hence the difference in way we approach cleanliness in the country .
    High time we accept and atleast change our own behavior

  7. hello DM,

    we were taught basic manners, so sorry. Please speak for yourself, and not in plural. India is a poor country and needs a lot of help at all levels. Too many people spend their lives saying ‘govt should…’ it is sick and nauseating to hear this. Check what have you done to change things, then comment. Look at, look at These are run by brilliantly qualified people from good families making a change in India. Akshayaptra feeds 1 MILLION+ people a day – this is awesome. Aidindia teaches basic Rs to 1000 villages in TN. Either do, or shut up. We have too many talkers, we need doers.

  8. Subra ,
    If that was so, state of hygiene wouldn’t have been so bad.
    In India it isnt as institutionalized as it needs to be, check how other countries teach and raise kids to be responsible citizens.
    I know it hurts , but truth always hurts.
    With regards to what one does need not be boasted on Blogs however i use a Bin wherever possible,obey traffic signals ( do that at 11pm , when people honk and get past you at a red signal ) , dont pay bribe, regard even a low job holder with respect , exercise my vote every time and donate extensively.
    P.S. Even if Akshayapatra wasnt run by “brilliantly qualified people ” from ” Good ” Families, it could be still be credited as doing good job.

  9. Jai Ho, there is a difference between pointing out the faults and insulting someone. There are other ways to make your point without hurting sentiments.

    I somewhat agree with your point of view but I cannot discard my nation just because their are poor, illitrate or corrupt people lving here. I always count myself one among them as country men and I will never give up on my country.

    You look at developed countries and start expecting everyone else in the world to behave like that. Its not possible in a day, month or a year or maybe in our life time but let me tell you slowly and steadily we are reaching there for good or bad.

  10. Not to hurt anybody who commented here., but I saw some people in my office who went for onsite for 1 or 2 years and keep on commenting about our nation and even saying that at some point they will leave our country. but they never think this is OUR nation and how ever it is we had to do our part to change it. They never says what they will do from their part.

  11. Things have to improve for sure from every angle. But that doesn’t mean what we have to copy somebody!! Welcome to the real world Mr. self centered man!!
    Let us find a solution which is good for us and which is also good for people around us. Washing your hands with water is not clean if water itself is not pure. Drying your hands with dirty towel is not clean even when you cleaned your hands with pure water. So we welcome western concepts of using paper towels and also the concept of soap!! And what do we get out of this? We dont mind dumping chemicals (soap) into water bodies and cutting trees to get paper towels to keep ourselves clean!! So did we do any favour to anybody by this copying act?

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