I have been accused of the following:

Keeping gold prices low.

People losing out chance to buy gold/ land / real estate because of my writing.

Hilarious because I have rarely taken a stand for or against. I do not consider it for my portfolio – SHOULD mean nothing for you.

I have consumed about ONE bottle of a cola in the past year.

I have eaten 1/6th of a pizza in the last 2 years. 

No tobacco. No alcohol, ……shareholder of ITC though!

I normally do not eat packaged foods.

I train for the Standard Chartered Marathon – and complete it.

I run a half marathon – at least ONE or 2 in a month. In the month of July and august I ran 3 half marathons.

I invest 95% of my money in direct equities and equity mutual fund schemes – unfortunately it is only in 3 funds managed by friends. Most of you know the names.

Now let me see how many people accuse me of changing their lifestyle. Hopefully it will be for the better? 

ps: do not take all my posts seriously. 

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  1. That’s the point! My shirt size is ‘M’. Who is to be blamed if I buy the same size shirts that Subra uses.
    I enjoy the reading the posts, they give lot of insight into money aspects in our life, which we ignore for sentimental reasons, even if I don’t agree with everything that he says.
    Ironcally, I am a proper pauper in ‘equities’.

  2. I’ve thought about it all morning and cant figure out the GOLD part.
    Black gold I can understand, after all you have a hotline to OPEC. 🙂

  3. U r also accused of writing only about big clients who have 40-60 Lac CTC, and 1+ crore house. I feel u treat medium and low earning class as untouchables. Don’t you think you should write catering to the wide audience rather than those blessed ones ?

  4. When I write about wealth, i write about a person with a wealth mindset. Hardly matters what is his/ her ctc, net worth, etc. When I say 5k pm SIP i mean a guy with 4L ctc, right? Mostly at the start of life people are interested in loans, emi, etc. and i do not really write much about borrowings….

  5. scary? no. Anybody who knows the system will not be surprised / shocked. No other way how GMR can build an airport and WAIT indefinitely for King Fisher and others to pay. Sad, yes.

    That is why the p/e of psu banks are much lesser. Once upon a time the development ‘brunt’ was felt by IDBI, IFCI AND ICICI. Now it is banks because these 3 cos. CANNOT support this kind of size. So scary, no.

  6. Subra You are doing an excellent job.No of people who want to thank you for not commiting Financial Mistakes are far higher than the ones who read Subra and then criticize.Actually the must be in Awe of you ! Above all “As Famous Matunga Eatery Udipi Lunch Home writes something like ….Owner of this Hotel also Eats Here.We do not claim to satisfy all customers…we try to do it though !Result Completly Full Lunch Home with satisfied customers…so let critics continue to say what the want….We will continue to follow and be greatful to Subra !

  7. Milind,

    I have never bothered about my critics…I was amused to see saying that I ‘influence’ gold and real estate prices. That is actually a compliment…

  8. Milind that Udupi Lunch Home is too good. Also try Madras Cafe at the circle. Great coffeee and authentic southie food.

  9. Yes Jai Ho.Their client since 1995 .Also Amba Bhavan and Ramashray ….Great Places for Upma/Pongal/Upma Pudi/Cofee /Bonda in evening…WOW !

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