What should a financial planner do for you?

When you go to a financial planner you have some expectations, do you not? Let us see what are the legitimate expectations that you can have: – he should be able to articulate your goals more clearly. When you say “I want the best education for my daughter” he should be able to translate that […]

Retirement advice old fashioned

Here are some more things which people tell you regarding retirement. Here I am bashing them as wrong. It may have been right a few years ago…no longer true. 1. Your debt and equity asset allocation should be based on the 100-age rule: So if you are 70 years old, it should be 100-70 should […]

The poor American Investor/Saver

This is not restricted to US or India, it is a world wide phenomenon, but let us take a hypothetical case of a nice honest, hardworking lower – middle class American. He started life long ago and lived in the usual American style. Let us say he took a huge mortgage and bought a big […]

Marathon and Investing…

Those of you who are following me on Facebook know that I recently ran a full marathon. Only a couple of days before I decided to run, and only on the run day did I decide to run 42.2 km. Running a Marathon has a lot of advantages. It allows you to think – and […]

Equity markets: What to do next?

  The equity market is like a lion. When you see it take a couple of steps back, it is not to run away, but to spring with great vigor. Ok this may not sound too great, but you may not have heard it anywhere else too! You have been hearing Bill Gross saying ‘Equity […]

5 things a financial advisor should do for you…

I do many of these things and keep wondering how to charge for it…However if you do have a FA he should do the following for you: 1. Do not choose that instrument: He should have the guts and knowledge to say what kind of financial instruments YOU as the client should not touch. This […]

Active Management vs Buy and Hold

There is nothing called a ‘Buy and Hold’. Repeat. There is nothing called a Buy and Hold in portfolio management. Whether it is a Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Vallabh Bhansali, Chetan Parikh, …..what sounds like B and H is actually active management. They buy shares and then follow the company through out its journey. In […]