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Financial Pornography: Be careful while you open!

this is an old post that I am repeating… I am asked quite often why can you not suggest ’10 best stocks to buy’ or ‘top 5 mutual funds to invest’ or other simpler articles which can ‘lead us to action’. I do have answers to all these questions, but it is difficult to convey […]

FII investments in Mutual funds!

  Well way back in the year 2001, we were a group of people who attended a mutual fund training program. Here we were taught some very important things. One of them was “Who can invest in a mutual fund” ….Uma Shashikant gave us this answer: Now let us see who all can invest in […]

joke on advisors

A rich man changed his advisor and was not to happy. While at a club, his friend asked him – hey how is your new advisor. The rich man said “Oh! he is good. After shifting to him, I sleep like a baby. I cry every hour!! Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer […]

Scams in India…Harshad Mehta….

The advantage of being on planet earth for a long time can be a part historian. This may be perhaps a little parochial towards the South Indians who got caught in the scam… The first scam that comes to mind is the Harshad Mehta scam..1992. (I was not born at the Mundhra scandal which […]

Mutual fund commissions vs. Unit linked plan commissions

Continuing my dialogue series… Journo: Subra do you not think the life insurance guys get pampered? Subra: Why do you say so? Journo: 40% of the contribution as a commission is too much, do you not think so? Subra: What about products with 122% commission? J: Not possible in the financial service industry… least […]

Monkey and the crocodile: Agents selling story

In almost all trainings – whether it is a relationship managers training or a independent financial analyst’s training, one complaint comes through very loudly. It goes like this: “I have a client who invests 5 a month in a mutual fund regularly. However I am under tremendous pressure to sell him a unit linked plan […]

Take a corporate seriously!

When you meet corporate India’s executives, their suppliers, their customers, the vendors who sell their products, you can see a lot of disconnect. Here is my (completely unsolicited) advice to the people who meet Corporate India: a. It may sound difficult, but do not laugh at their ‘Corporate Vision’, ‘Corporate Mission’ and words like ‘monetize […]