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Chortel services?

Try being a senior citizen in this country! Just day to day living is made tough by the service provider. Make no mistake when I saw the ARPU for airtel going up, I was happy – I am a shareholder and my latest buy was at 276! So in this bad market it is making […]

Sales training class…

I normally do only subject matter training. This is capital markets, financial planning, etc. etc. However some of this spills into a sales / attitude training too. In the sense that people ask me ‘If the client says….what should I say?’…I realise that selling life insurance or mutual funds is a really taxing and difficult […]

Reliance worst service provider?

I have a reliance mobile number (CDMA) – and have numerous complaints about people unable to reach me. Was wondering am I alone or all service providers just as bad…and what is the procedure for shifting from Reliance (cdma) to some other provider….. happy to have your feedback… Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post […]

Sad day for professionals?

Once upon a time long, long ago I used to be a practising Chartered Accountant. In 1988 I used to be at the ITAT (Income Tax Appellate Tribunal) quite regularly (definitely on Fridays when the department used to file its Reference Applications!). A few people who used to be regular thereat were some super seniors […]

Lessons from customers: deliver what they want

this post is being repeated. Had posted it earlier for a few hours…but was removed..because there was some more important ‘breaking news’ story…so it is coming up again… A few days ago I did a training for a Wealth Management Company. Not too keen to mention client names..but it was a high quality client and […]

How much do you need?

We have all been using toothpaste, shampoo, soap, malt drinks, Bournvita, Horlicks, Complan…..even though we may be new to life insurance, pension plans, etc. If you see the pictures on the cover of the items that you buy you see pictures of how much to use. The toothpaste cover shows toothpaste from one end of […]

How the rich buy?

If you thought Madoff scandal would serve as a reminder against buying shit financial services you thought wrong. Simply wrong. Sadly I know some of these ‘event managers’ , wealth managers, brokerage houses…and others who organize such functions. I also know many rich people who attend these functions as well as wannabes who attend them. […]