I have a reliance mobile number (CDMA) – and have numerous complaints about people unable to reach me.

Was wondering am I alone or all service providers just as bad…and what is the procedure for shifting from Reliance (cdma) to some other provider…..

happy to have your feedback…

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  1. I think Reliance is one of the poorer operators. I have Airtel and have never faced network issues. I used to have Reliance CDMA and they never returned my deposit money.

  2. Recently i switched from airtel to BSNL for my father mobile. First decide the service provider you wish to change. Then you can visit nearby service center and request for mobile number portability. They will also ask for one identity proof. They will send you one unique identification number for activation. whole process can be completed in couple of days. If you are in mumbai,get Idea 🙂

  3. avail MNP! with recent data released by TRAI on MNP majority of people shifting is from CDMA to GSM.

  4. your problem is very specific – coverage/call drop/voice clarity
    1)So first of all check at your workplace and home area (with you friends/colleague feedback) which services provider is giving them good network coverage. As most of the time you will available on these places.
    2) if you have the costly CDMA standalone handset, than go for CDMA service provider like TATA/MTNL to save the handset cost.

    Else if you provide me the details of the area where you mostly found the issue than i will check with one of my friend on senior technical position working for RCOM.


  5. Surprising….I moved from Reliance CDMA to Vodafone GSM, the only reason being the lack of options in CDMA handsets and their price as compared to GSM handsets. But in terms of connectivity, call drops, etc I find Reliance CDMA was far better.

  6. Hi, This is Ashok from Coimbatore. I am working in Technical department of a famous mobile operator. You can check the points what Sudhir told. Apart from that you should know one more thing.It may applicable to you too..
    If your number has to be reached by any one in india, then your number series (like 9182..,9842…etc.,) has to be opened by All Exchanges of all operators.For eg., if a person from Airtel Cochin needs to call you means, your number series has to be opened in Airtel Cochin Exchange. Almost all the Number series are opened by all operators. But sadly some new number series are not opened by many operators in many parts of india. It will be opened only after launching the complaint.. What I am coming to say is .. since you are a famous person and you need to be reached by all corners of india.. be choose a old series number from any operator.. I hope you understand what I say…

  7. I don’t think its only to do with Reliance CDMA particularly. I was having Reliance GSM and was very happy with it. Probably, your area doesn’t have coverage or some other issue might be there.

    CDMA handsets of Reliance are primarily used in groups and the network may also be the reason because of high usage of groups. I have felt this when I was using Vodafone and it released some 10p within Vodafone after 9pm and suddenly the network of Vodafone will be affected after 9pm.

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