Equities are for the long term…

Post Inflation (which is saying Real returns) in the US market was a NEGATIVE 3.4% P.A. from the period 2000-9. Is this the first time that it is happened? No. 3rd time since 1820…. Moral of the story? when you meet an adviser ask him…NOW WHAT……you told me 1 year is long term…even in 10 […]

In God we Trust!

  Fiat money is about trust. You trust your government, hence you keep all your money in currency form, right? Take the case of a common man…and his conversation with a acidic Subra of Subramoney.com: Client: Hi Subra, I wish to discuss my financial life with you…May I? Subra: Sure Client: I have bought …..xyz […]

Toughest part of Investing?

Last week I bought some auto, and telecom stock. In case of Infra I am seriously looking but cannot decide what to buy. Have met a few promoters and know a couple of big companies too well – so touching becomes MORE difficult. The toughest part of investing seems to be to change gears. Last […]

Should I buy MORE gold?

A few people have asked me…’should I increase my SIP in gold’. Frankly¬† for me the answer is ‘I do not know’. However I realise that many of them are sitting on small losses or a very poor return if they have invested in the last 10-12 months. The Rupee not long ago was 40 […]

Myths in Economics

There are a few myths in Economics and here is an attempt to handle a few of them. The worry is that these myths are so ingrained that we may all find it difficult to even accept that it is wrong. However, wrong it is, and let me start by enumerating them: 1. There is […]

State of the Economy!

A few days ago one of the persons I know called to say: “Do you know that 5 CEOs have resigned in the last month in the financial services industry!”. I said hmmmmm and did you know AT LEAST 5 financial services companies are in the market trying to ‘sell’ from one owner to another? […]

PriceWaterhouse Coopers books cooked?

Well first it was Global Trust Bank Then it was Satyam Computers RBI screamed and shouted foul. They said it was only our Hyderabad unit, not all of us. Then people chuckled. They said did you know that the partners of Arthur Anderson (btw the founders were from PWC) are still around. Well read on…NOW […]