Post Inflation (which is saying Real returns) in the US market was a NEGATIVE 3.4% P.A. from the period 2000-9.

Is this the first time that it is happened? No. 3rd time since 1820….

Moral of the story?

when you meet an adviser ask him…NOW WHAT……you told me 1 year is long term…even in 10 years if I do not make money WITHOUT YOUR CHARGES.

Now add 2.5% amc charges (2.75% if some IF some speculation is to be believed)…now add the compounding effect of this…God, he would have to be sitting on nice 7% losses…



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  1. Little bit mistake here! Add 2.5% P.A. and it makes 25% loss for 10 years + 3.5% loss = 28.5%!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sorry mistake, but it is not 2.5*10, it will be much much more. Compounding for 10 years…so he would have lost about 40% of this portfolio..or thereabouts depending on the yearly loss..and was the loss front ended or back ended..

  3. ‘We’ just sounds less pompous that is all. No +ion to the team, in a recession, I cannot double my head count, even a ‘not well managed’ company like Infosys can do that.

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