the media is a fantastic predictor of what the future will look like…neither are they able to predict tomorrow’s index, nor oil prices, nor interest rates.

however after an event happens, they still continue to look, talk and feel intelligent…and without an apology.

if you think I am talking about Cnbc, well the others are similar, are they this article on motley fool..

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  1. Very well written.

    “The value in calling out bad predictions isn’t to point fingers at those who have gotten it wrong. It’s to point fingers at those who listen to and put faith in those predictions, assuming that suddenly, this time, experts can accurately see the future when history shows — conclusively — that they can’t. It’s not the experts, but the people who listen to the experts, that are the real fools.”

    This really takes the cake. Surely, in today’s information overload, separating wheat from chaff is increasingly getting difficult.

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