Well first it was Global Trust Bank

Then it was Satyam Computers

RBI screamed and shouted foul. They said it was only our Hyderabad unit, not all of us.

Then people chuckled. They said did you know that the partners of Arthur Anderson (btw the founders were from PWC) are still around.

Well read on…NOW it is their own books. L O L.

I first took my marksheet and went to PwC for doing articles…they said we have a long waiting list. I went to Sharp and Tannan. Year 1982. Thank you God, sorry for the 30 year delay in thanking you!!

Not that it matters…but please read on….




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  1. too big to fail? or fall?
    how did the institute allow such a thing?
    surely this could have been hushed up?
    as a million other crimes are?
    I smell professional jealousy here!

  2. Dear Sir,
    Almost all Chartered Accountant Firms are involved in the same things what PWc does – cooking up their accounts, encouraging clients to hoard black money, devising strategies to sidestep law, etc. I personally believe that PWC is only made as a scapegoat. If ICAI or TOI starts investigating each and every audit firms activities, then everyday we would see some scandal like this. Anyways its a part and parcel of our society. So cant blame anyone.

    With Regards,
    Srivatsan V

  3. Once in my family function some 10 people sat aside and discussing about some things. Talking about some thing like tax evasion or some fraud:

    One asks: How can they do like this, this is too extreme na??/
    Second one says: If you don’t have guts leave it. Now-a-days Auditors(CA’s_ are helping to do those and lawyers are there to deal cases and everybody can do it.

    To say frankly it’s the CA’s who say people how to do things, and sometimes even if we hesitates they will say why are in that much fear!!!!

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