Inheritance: how do I deal with it?

  Today there are people who live up to the age of 95 as well as those who die at 59. Some of them have very smartly multiplied their money and some live on a hand to mouth basis. Depending on what your parents have done, and what you have done with your own life, […]

Should children look after parents?

I know I have touched a raw topic…so here are 2 versions. Rather I will give you 2 views, you can take whatever you want! Parents argument about this topic: 1. We looked after you, so you should look after us. 2. It is your duty. We looked after our parents, so you should look […]

Give Money to your adult kids?

This is a touchy topic! Should parents give money to adult kids? Let us say for the following: Buying a car Buying a house Higher education Marriage For an expensive vacation (expensive because the kid cannot afford it) I do have strong views on this. Everybody should learn to live within their means. If you […]

Retirement or Children’s Education?

Some questions plaguing parents about money have been the following: 1. Should I delay my saving/ investing for retirement BECAUSE I am saving for my children’s education ? 2. Should I dip into my Retirement kitty to pay for my children’s education ? Sadly in the Indian context education is just a broad word I […]

Earning well but poor…part 1

Ok not exactly poor, but you are 30 years old, married to a 28 year old earning well but BROKE. Poor maybe too harsh – but if all you have to show for 6 years of working is say Rs. 10 lakhs in the bank, well you are almost there. Your story? Let me tell […]

What should my lifestyle depend on?

A very good question which some of the more articulate kids ask me. A fair question too. Your father is a very successful professional, your mother is in a senior position with an MNC. Your wife’s parents have a business background and are very successful in a well established business. Should you save 50% of […]

Case study in Financial Planning

One financial planner met a client and had the following details: A 38 year old man with a daughter from an earlier marriage (age 11) a son from the present marriage (7 years) a housewife, parents needing support and a mother in law dependent on him. (5 complete dependents, daughter partially dependent¬† – his ex […]