Who should pay for higher education?

Who should pay for the higher education of our children? Ideally somebody else. Like a scholarship. My niece is on her way to Harvard – and is being partly funded by a scholarship which is meeting about 50% of her TOTAL COSTS – and completely covers her tution fee. However not everybody gets admission and […]

But it is tax deductible!

How many of you sales guys out there will be able to sell a useless product to a BUSINESSMAN just because it is tax deductible? Not too many I guess…. Now let me give you 3 options. 1. Register your business as a ‘business of buying and selling shares’ and start filing IT returns. This […]

My lessons in equity….part 2

http://www.subramoney.com/2011/09/my-lessons-in-equity/ Please read the above-mentioned post. As well as the comments, and I will give u an update. Now an update on this post. Mr. R is known to me and I called himĀ  a few days ago. This was because I was taking a trading position in Hindalco – at about Rs. 92. I […]

Excellent Returns in Real Estate…..

Most people invest in equities, debt, real estate, …..and I guess they invest so that they are able to sell it at a premium later on, right? Well, when people speak to me they say “I bought a house for Rs. 80 Lakhs in just 10 years it is worth Rs. 1.9 crores”. Nothing wrong […]

Give Money to your adult kids?

This is a touchy topic! Should parents give money to adult kids? Let us say for the following: Buying a car Buying a house Higher education Marriage For an expensive vacation (expensive because the kid cannot afford it) I do have strong views on this. Everybody should learn to live within their means. If you […]

What type of an investor are you?

First of all let me make a distinction between a saver and an investor. A saver puts his money in instruments which give fixed or very closed to fixed kind of returns. Examples of this are bank fixed deposits, PPF, National savings certificates, Endowment insurance policies, Retirement plans fully in debt instruments, etc. etc. These […]

Advising friends is dangerous too!

  Sometime in 1994 a friend wanted to keep some money in a fixed interest bearing instrument. The amount was about Rs. 15000. He kept it in one company – let us call it Company A. Sometime in 1999 I was surprised to see that he still had his money there. I told him and […]