Should I Insure my children?

I have been asked this question a million times, and I have said NO a million times. However, like all personal finance (and especially life insurance) topics there is no straight forward answer. So let me start by saying NO. If your children are young, and dependent on YOUR income they do not need any […]

The distributor and his fate….

The most maligned person in the financial service space is the distributor. It is he/ she who provides the last link between the financial product manufacturers and the end investor. Let us describe the typical distributor: He earns about Rs. 2-3 lakhs a year (a decent MBA would not EVEN consider looking at such a […]

Impact of fear on your portfolio

There is not enough literature or education of how to handle your portfolio during your withdrawing phase. This is obvious – there is no money to be made withdrawing from your portfolio. There is a lot of money to be made while you accumulate it, but NIL when you are withdrawing it. Fair enough, right. […]

Case study in Financial Planning

One financial planner met a client and had the following details: A 38 year old man with a daughter from an earlier marriage (age 11) a son from the present marriage (7 years) a housewife, parents needing support and a mother in law dependent on him. (5 complete dependents, daughter partially dependent  – his ex […]

Starting out new in life?

Ha to be in your 20s and just starting out! You are a newly qualified CA, MBA, Engineer, Graduate…..out in the big bad world and all alone! Welcome to the world of finance. Most of us start life having a very hazy idea of what is finance. Even if you are a CA or a […]

You cannot retire with a crore!

There is an article by Radhika Merwin “The first step is to calculate how much you will need towards living expenses after retirement, depending on your lifestyle. Let’s say you’re 30 years old, currently drawing an annual income of Rs 10 lakh. What percentage of your income will be enough to cover your living expenses […]

Brilliant views on the Budget 2013

Subramoney was the only blog which did not have a view on the most important media event of the day at 11am. So I decided to write my views (at 8 pm Wednesday) on PC’s budget to be presented on Thursday…here it is. It is the only post (I challenge you) to have such a […]