Can I retire with Rs. 2 crores?

One reader (SR)  sent me some details like age etc. and asked me “Can I Retire, my age is 41 years”. Answers like ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is perhaps very easy to give. Completely irresponsible too. Let me explain. If I were a doctor and a 41 year old man came and said ‘this is my […]

Is gold worth buying today?

Let me warn you the title has the word today just to attract you :-). I have no view at all about gold prices. Personally i do have gold, but no clue how much. In most cases the cost of acquisition is almost immaterial – it all happened decades back….. Why is gold an awesome […]

Inflation Indexed bonds….how TIPS works

The government keeps talking about Inflation Indexed bonds – we are not clear when it will come. We have no clue as to how it will be structured in India. However this is how it should work if they do a cut and paste from the US – TIPS is the US product. Principally this […]

Real estate could be next to crack…but

Gold is under tremendous pressure internationally, so India may also see Rs. 25000 (just speculating, actually no clue) but Swaminathan A Aiyar says so in Economic Times. I am not commenting on the price of gold at all. I do not think that to be a good investor you need to be playing the […]

Serious financial mistakes…

Do people make serious financial mistakes? Difficult question to answer, and it also depends on whom to ask. However the question should be framed slightly differently. “Have you made any serious financial mistake? And if you are saying NO, do you understand what you are saying?’ My interaction with people of various ages shows the […]

Retirement Mathematics: Toughest ever

What is so scary about retirement? The big worry that you will run out of money before you die. Rather you OUTLIVING your money. Is it a fear? I think it is a nightmare especially for those who do not have assets which they are NOT USING, children not doing well, and those women who […]

Equity investing is so simple…

Today investing in equities is great fun, and interesting. So people go and read a lot of websites, books, magazines, articles – and find themselves nicely entangled in a web. Great. Then they read about the greats. So Warren Buffett tells them ‘Only those who do not understand what they are doing diversify’. Fantastic. Till […]