Today investing in equities is great fun, and interesting. So people go and read a lot of websites, books, magazines, articles – and find themselves nicely entangled in a web. Great.

Then they read about the greats. So Warren Buffett tells them ‘Only those who do not understand what they are doing diversify’. Fantastic. Till they read John Templeton who says ‘I made money because I diversified across currencies…countries, asset classes…’…..hmmm, now what?

Then there are jokers who say ‘Fundamental Analysis is superior’ and other jokers who say ‘Technical Analysis is superior’. Both may be right, or both may be wrong. We should call Deepak Shenoy to adjudicate.

Then there are others who say ‘averaging’ is the way to go! But jokers like subramoney who say averaging works only in a portfolio. Preferably a diversified portfolio like the Index. OMG now what to do?

Subra keeps asking ‘do you know the difference between Trading and Investing?

The worry is if you tell him YES, he then asks ‘do you do naked trading, covered trading, intra day trading, if you seem to understand all this, he will ask for a copy of your trading diary and ‘learning’ diary…..OMG Subramoney cannot be satisfied at all?

Then people invest in 20 mutual fund schemes…without a clue as to why they have done so…it is not easy to be an investor, read, argue with subra, invest in index funds, do your own investing – AND CARRY ON A conversation with Subra. Boo!!!


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  1. Subra Sir,
    Some time back you had published an article on debt fund vs FD. Few doubts:
    1. For a large corpus, should we invest in multiple funds or one fund?
    2. You had mentioned selecting funds with 6-24 month duration investments for a period of 20 yrs. How do I get information on the underlying assets of the fund and their duration?
    3. Where do I get the data on cost indexation percent, and how is that a basis for tax calculation? Can you please explain?

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