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Does your financial adviser have guts?

  A financial adviser has to have the guts to ask the end customer (read YOU) some questions like the following mentioned here: 1. Your qualification is good, and your salary is great, but can you really make a 15 year commitment of EMI for the housing loan that you are taking – at your […]

Financial Tips for ABOUT to weds…

Planning to do a series of articles on Couples and Money. I do not wish to see how many articles, but this is clearly one of the earliest. A couple may fall in love or have an arranged marriage, but they surely meet before their marriage…so these are things which they should surely talk about. […]

Budget 2012: Really outstanding!

These are 3 posts rolled into one: -What is new in the budget presented by Pranab Mukherjee – Advantages of ULIP or Why you should buy a ULIP -Advantages of smoking Sorry all the 3 headings I have nothing new to write. I heard a joke, can share. On Thursday night Pranab Mukherjee called Sachin […]

The Budget nightmare….

‘Hello Subra will you do a post for the Budget?’ Me: No. Media house: Why? Me: The Budget is a media event, NOT what the public want. MH: Subra, everybody wants to know what will happen to the country in the next financial year. Me: Complete nonsense. We are a victim of HABITS. The English […]

Budget what to expect

Frankly I have no clue about what to expect. However I know what people will say: 1. The FM should raise the taxable exemption limit by at least Rs. 50,000 2. The exemption limit for women should be raised by Rs. 75,000. 3. There should be a separate limit (like 80 C) for repayment of […]

Joy of budgeting? or Pain of budgeting?

  Largely people like short term pleasure over long term benefit. Let me explain. A sweet stays for 30 seconds on the tongue (thanks to the tongue and the saliva, you know the taste) but for 30 years on the hips. We still choose the sweet. When biscuits are passed around, butter cookies and kaju […]

Where does my money go?

‘I earn Rs. 15L CTC – and clearly I am overpaid. However I am not able to save a rupee – I have no idea where my money goes’ Can you believe this…if you are a middle class Indian? I found it a little amusing…but not difficult to believe. When I spoke to him, I […]