These are 3 posts rolled into one:

-What is new in the budget presented by Pranab Mukherjee

– Advantages of ULIP or Why you should buy a ULIP

-Advantages of smoking

Sorry all the 3 headings I have nothing new to write.

I heard a joke, can share. On Thursday night Pranab Mukherjee called Sachin Tendulkar and said ‘My budget has nothing, absolutely nothing – can you please score a century so that…the country will talk about that and NOT about my budget’

Sachin obliged. One more feather – desh seva in Sachin’s cap.

Not sure whether the quid pro quo is a Bharat Ratna!

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  1. the best part of the budget was the “retrospective review of overseas contracts”…

    the best offer to sachin was on last christmas day with a bharath ratna by scoring the 100th ton in aussie test & taking the whole attention of the nation from lokpal…. but sachin just didint agree and made what he could by not scoring the ton but the 120 billion cheated him and in frustration he didnt score at all there to humiliate all

  2. Rajiv Gandhi equity scheme takes the cake when it comes to stupidity. Just cannot digest it. It would’ve been better if index funds were prescribed. “New” retail investors are encouraged to plunge into direct equities! Are they considered foolish enough to do LIC’s job?

  3. It would have been easier for Pranabda to call on the Bangladesh Team and instruct them in Chaste Bengali to allow Sachin to score his Century.. after all Sachin cannot do it himself or else he would have chosen a far better timing !!

  4. Whenever I would like to see a candid review/ opinion about something… its your blog. No sugar coating or beating around the bush. Make your point and end it. Works for me and saves time too!

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