Signs you are living beyond your means!

Some of the kids I know are going to HATE me for this article…sorry guys n gals but you have really inspired me to write this. Honestly this is dedicated to you. Here it goes! 1. Your cheques bounce: Oh not regularly but 4 times in a year. This could be because your salary came […]

Will Libertarian Paternalism work in India?

Let us start at the beginning….what is Libertarian Paternalism? Well it is a subtle way of making people towards rational choices. For example when a person joins for employment the employment form includes an AUTO sign up for an index fund. Say NPS to the extent of 3% of basic salary. The employer also contributes […]

Pay yourself first….

  Many people may not have heard this. Of course many would have heard this, but may not know what it means…so here it goes! When you earn a certain amount of money – all of that does not come to you. Some of it goes off as profession tax, income tax, insurance, provident fund….etc. […]

I do not pay interest at all….!

When a company or an individual has NO borrowings, it pays no interest, right? Well no. Let us take the case of a company first. Interest is what you pay for using some other person’s cash. Well if you use an asset you are paying interest in another form – called rent. So if you […]

Who is an expert?

Amazing what the 2003-2007 boom in the markets have done to people! Many people have taken their income from 2001-2007 and are extrapolating that growth over the next 20 years, so some of them are hoping to retire on a salary of Rs. 3 crores a year – at least that is what the excel […]

Does your financial adviser have guts?

  A financial adviser has to have the guts to ask the end customer (read YOU) some questions like the following mentioned here: 1. Your qualification is good, and your salary is great, but can you really make a 15 year commitment of EMI for the housing loan that you are taking – at your […]

Wow what opportunities!

  When you have lived too long in a very comfortable style, you tend to lose perspective. I meet extremely rich people, reasonably rich people, rich people, and middle class people. And the richer they are, more they seem to be cribbing. ‘Why pay Rs. 25 Lakhs for a parking ….’ or ‘Mumbai has no […]