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Gold’s biggest fall in 28 years…

End of the road for gold? No, surely not. However it is time to be cautious for sure. What are the risks in gold? Or is it that there are no risks at all, as some readers would like to believe? Well let us look at some of the risks: 1.    It is not an […]

Gold prices…

I have no views, and I have no position in gold. I do not understand bullion or most of the commodities. This is a caveat. However, I know one thing – price is determined by demand and supply. This is universally true. And has always been true. Now one story I keep hearing is that […]

Now Gold in EMI

  If we are all so sure that there will be volatility in the world, we should all be buying gold, correct? Yes of course… So just go and buy it…why the delay? Well you may not have money to buy gold. Now a simple solution exists, leverage. After all we leverage to buy real […]

Why buy gold?

I am not getting into whether you should buy gold or not buy gold. There are enough people on both sides. I am on the side of Warren Buffet, and the only gold I have is what has been gifted to me either at the time of my marriage or somebody else’s marriage. Here is […]

Interest Rates, Gold and Mutual funds

What is happening in the mutual fund industry? Well it is a little funny. Most of the fund houses are not getting any money in their equity schemes. A few schemes which are doing well are able to get some money – which is customer driven. A 15 month SIP in a good scheme would […]

Gold: Buy or sell?

Disclaimer no. 1: I do not understand commodities. I do not understand technicals. Thus I am perhaps the worst person to be talking about Gold. Having said that, in the last few weeks I have been receiving a lot of emails, sms, etc. suggesting, arguing, cajoling me to buy gold. Not sure whether this is […]

Gold is a great investment!

Frankly I do not know whether gold is an investment at all. Over longer periods of time it has been a preserver of value rather than a grower of value. It is not backed by cash flows – you have to find a greater pessimist (only when you believe that there is going to be […]