Frankly I do not know whether gold is an investment at all. Over longer periods of time it has been a preserver of value rather than a grower of value.

It is not backed by cash flows – you have to find a greater pessimist (only when you believe that there is going to be a war and you will have to run away does physical gold help, correct?)…

well I am not here to argue on any side of gold…just to tell you here is a great article on gold as an investment – comparing gold to the stock on and come to your own conclusions…remember to read Warren Buffet on gold too…it is quite amusing!! Google for ‘Warren buffet’s views on gold as an investment’ – it is nice to read.

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  1. Warren buffet’s views on gold are martians think we are smart exchanging pieces of paper and thinking it is wealth?

    gold -physical gold -is catastrophe insurance and insurance against our well intentioned by doomed money planners (central banks).trying to value it by cash flows and all that is to miss the point completely.

    in fact ,if we were in a gold standard/commodity standard/sound money./hard money paradign,gold would NOT be an investment. the value of gold didnt change for over 150 years in the US.fixed at 20 USD per ounce.please google Nathan Lewis who recently also wrote on Forbes -he is an expert on the gold standard and truly explains it very well.he is not your gold bug neither your sneering value investor.
    btw,buffet has had huge derivativee positions in silver futures.should we really take his folksy wisdom seriously anymore? he is an opportunist,if there was ever one .good value investor,poor role model.dont listen to him,just do as he does

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