Oh no this is not in the Indian context, but when you use Google to tag some stories…you do hit on some interesting stories.

A few days back Balakrishnan had written a page on the Moneylife site why you should buy from a bank relationship manager. I said chuckle, chuckle. Had neither the intent, willingness nor energy to refute it. Having been on all sides of the investment business – sub-broker, main broker, client, non target based sales person, trainer, wealth advisor and wealth coach…I found the argument amusing. Could have refuted but refrained from doing so.

Now there is a news item in Financial Express (Google throws up everything!) is about Citibank being BANNED in Indonesia….read on


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  1. Subra,

    I don’t know, where ever CITI goes, it neither allows its employees to sleep nor its customers nor the country it does business. It is high time the governments all over the world help CITI to rest in peace.

  2. Pandit was in India last month, but no one asked any tough questions on these governance issues. I wonder, whether the interviews were stage managed to avoid such questions.

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