Pessimism about the markets? Well no. Not really, but can see some dark clouds:

– the government’s inability to control inflation

– MMS acting like a rubber stamp for the Lady in White

– Commodity prices – including crude of course

-Interest rates HAVE TO GO UP to compensate for inflation. Sadly Indian population not elastic to interest changes – see 14 lakh crores lying in banks….

– If the US economy does well (as it seems now) FII inflow will not be much (no fresh buying?)

– If the US economy does well (as it seems now) the Rupee will weaken – good for the Tech companies..

– Mutual funds and Unit linked life insurance sales are not so high – cash coming into the market is just not enough!

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  2. but people (white collar workers) are still optimistic about salaries and hikes in the coming months.many companies are still making record profits.what gives? is the market ignorning or discounting all this

  3. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    Ludwig von Mises one of the great economists wrote
    “The most important thing to remember is that inflation is not an act of God, that inflation is not a catastrophe of the elements or a disease that comes like the plague. Inflation is a GOVERNMENT POLICY.”

  4. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    Inflationism, however, is not an isolated phenomenon. It is only one piece in the total framework of politico-economic and socio-philosophical ideas of our time. Just as the sound money policy of gold standard advocates went hand in hand with liberalism, free trade, capitalism and peace, so is inflationism part and parcel of imperialism, militarism, protectionism, statism and socialism.
    – Ludwig von Mises

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