A lot of the money that I handle directly (family only) and some people who claim to listen to me (I have no clue where they buy, whether they buy, or whether they have sold)…are bleeding because of these shares:

Allied Digital (-67%), Arvind Products (-54%), Brand House (-34%), Crest Animation (-49%), Jupiter Bio (-39%), K S Oil (-39%), Punj Lloyd (-48%) and Suven Life (-47%).

The numbers in brackets are the % losses that my portfolio has made in the respective shares. However I can still stand here and laugh because there are some solid shares which have perhaps fallen from grace and in terms of price, are still a good hold.

Then there are shares like Coromandel Fertilisers, Cholamandalam Investment, Mahindra Holiday resorts, Basf, Hdfc, Hindustan Oil, Hero Honda, – which I WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO SELL at what look like good prices in retrospect. Now I have to choose when to buy some of these shares back……AND since these quantities are better than the earlier list, pay for the losses and still invest the surplus…:-)

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  1. Allied Digital and Punj Lloyd (supposedly poor man’s L&T) are two scrips, I also believed were good. Not so sure now. Sold them a month ago with significant losses. What actually ills these companies? Any idea.

  2. Hmmm having said all this please remember a 90% of 2009 cannot be followed by another 30-40% return. Equity will be irrelevant (from a return point of view for a decent period of time) – however those on a SIP should continue. Do not try to stop your SIP just because the markets are down. Infrastructure which was supposed to be the story of 2011 may not be. I expect the Hdfc Infrastructure fund to go open ended in Mar-Apr 2011 and Idfc infra launch has also happened. Infra as a sector has done badly – and the peaking of interest rates will only ensure the bottoming of the infra sector. I am happy investing 15-25% of my investing surplus – but am still searching about what to buy. I have looked at realty, infra,…..lets see..Just spotted some shares with a div yield of 4-5% p.a. still looking

  3. Market are down. Definitely it will come up we all experienced in 2008-2009-2010. I have seen some of my portfolio in red. One question Subra sir, I think startin on SIP if not started is also a good time may be. Sir, can you put in the top 5 MF’s you believe in should be good in coming years.

  4. subra

    you zeroing on a few scrips would be interesting at this moment.
    would you like to share your thoughts on them with us here?

    Although you prefer not to talk on recommending stocks here, I noticed hindalco went really well, any takes on its future course ?

  5. Subra, usually u dont share ur portfolio details with us.but when u do , i wonder u want us to know that u can also make a mistake or its just venting out failure 🙂 . btw when i lose out on a stock , i luv debating it with frnds

  6. Hi Subra,

    Thanks for being modest in sharing the losses. Few people I have come across boasts their success and not failures.

    BTW I have not invested in any of the stocks you have been mentioning in your blog. Simple, I do my own research and take the blame for my own mistakes.



  7. Sir
    Could you write about your discipline & efforts to zero on possible winners.
    Just so that novice like me learn something.
    No need to exact names just general process.

  8. Dear Subra sir,
    I’m a young follower and fan of your blog… It taught me a lot of lessens about money & wealth creation.
    But your stock picking style surprises me… Maybe I’m arrogant. But I would like to ask a few questions,
    1. How many stocks you have in your hand at a time? If it is more than a single digit, are you really getting time to analyse and track every single details of each company you own???
    2. I understand you have sold of some of your winners. But why do you still keeping money in stocks in which you have lost money? (E.g. Punj Lloyd) Imagine you have not invested in it in the first place. Would you put fresh money in any of them now??? If you don’t, then why are you not selling them now???

  9. The share market is typically like the family business that I worked for ten years before deciding to move on.

    The family business was agriculture/horticulture – managing apple orchards.

    You planted a sapling today and after a gestation period of 9 to 12 years, the plant bore fruits and one was able to get returns from selling the produce in the market.

    So it is easy for me to be patient in the stock market and hope for a profit after a decent gestation period.

    Another similarity that comes to mind is that after making a good sale at the market auction yard, orchard owners often boasted of having recorded the top sales for the day, the month or the season but when it came to distress sales – None, I repeat NONE owned up that one had made one.

    I guess it is human nature – whatever be the business, to overtly display one’s profits, victories and triumphs (even if to delude oneself) and shy away from humbly acknowledging the truth about losses and defeats that one has to live through.

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