Either Financial Service Companies are really worried about what some people like me think of them, or there has to be some other reason that I cannot understand.

Two companies met with me in the last fortnight, and both meetings really had me a little puzzled. Unlike most other blogs/ websites I do not do any product reviews. I am quite happy with that kind of situation, and will not change my stance.

I have also found a lot of ‘effort’ at financial education by people, and some of it has left me amused. Many of these advisers themselves need a lot of training, so to see them train is plain amusing. Uma Shashikant there seems to be a lot of scope for doing Train the Trainers programs. I think CIEL should start a training program for trainers so that the damage that they can do is restricted. And this I am talking of ALL READY qualified people 🙂

In one of the product reviews (which was sent to me by a reader) the basic defect of the product – high cost has not even come out. Not sure whether it is sales / ad pressure or is it just lack of knowledge I know not.

The need for product reviews is huge, but it should be done in a particular format and with some diligence. At least 2 of the reviews were more a PR draft rather than a product review. It will not help the reader for sure – but then it will not hurt the manufacturer either!  I have no clue how much is the ‘upfront’ commission or the trail commission…I cannot even guess, it just does not interest me.

However, I guess it will be sold as a ‘service’. God bless people investing in this scheme.

I hope I have not said which product – whether a mutual fund, pms, life insurance, bank, brokerage service, etc.

My stand remains the same: One word that will make you rich is NO.

Hardly matters if I am called to an office and offered coffee or to a 5* hotel and offered Pizza.

I only like filter coffee and would like to stay off Pizza.

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  1. Dr M Chandrashekhar

    Every thing is well written but I wonder -was there any requirement to take a particular name ? Best avoided.

  2. I loved Aarti Krishnan’s article. If the conclusion is ‘THEREFORE you should remove money from equities and put it in real estate and gold, I would love the (un?)intended consequence of the article also. If you switch on any television channel most of the ads are for real estate – constructed or land. Gold of course is an old favorite (normally as an expense).

    Good, the weak hands going out of equities is a great thing for the market, and a fine indication of what the ‘rational’ retail investor should be doing. He should come back ONLY and ONLY if the market goes up from here. He/she has no role in a flat or falling market. God bless the author, and God super-bless the readers esp if they react.

    I wish there was a sensible residential index with a good data capture. Till that is not in place, it is only anectodal.

    By the way, for me real estate is a brilliant funding opportunity, and rarely an investing opportunity. 26%p.a. secured lending is good, right? Esp if it is capital + return guaranteed and in blocks of 5 years.

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