A new agent joined a private life insurance company. He took about one month to start and then started blazing all records in sales. Like they say “Din Dhugni raat Chougni” sales was happening. He was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. His immediate manager wanted to go with him on a sales call – one does not know whether out of sheer admiration, or take credit, or sheer jealousy.

The call started…the client agreed to buy a policy. Then the client asked the most hated, but most asked question¬†¬† “Is it not better to buy from Life Insurance Corporation of India” (a.k.a LIC?)

So, the agent gave a billion dollar reply…”Sir India is a growing market. LIC is unable to reach all places, so the government has asked LIC to open many divisions…so we are all “ABC Life insurance coroporation of India”. “DEF Life insurance corporation of India”….

so sir now LIC has 14 more divisions….that is all.

Obviously everybody is happy with the sale….who will complain?

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  1. dear Sir
    I had pension plan policy Sr.No. 3500161 & Policy No. 102587165.
    I had not received my pension cheques for this policy for the current financial year.
    May pls arrange the delivery of my pension cheques for this policy 102587165 from LIC of India.

    best regards
    Bhikam Chand Gaur
    439-A, III rd C-Road, Sardarpura

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