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Retirement Myths

Retirement is like old age. And it creeps on you – one day at a time! Here, we bust some common myths relating to retirement. Myth 1               I will never retire. Yes, you will. Everybody has to. You may want to work till you drop dead, but what if you really cannot get a job […]

Whom to trust is a worry? Use index funds

The trust that we all have on big organisations is dwindling if not reduced to zero. I have shares in 2 groups where I have some contacts with the promoters, top executives, mid level executives and some operational people. The reaction of each of these people to the slow down and the recovery process is […]

Hare and the tortoise – Part II

I have 2 friends – aged about 57 years. They were classmates and are very close to retirement. Their investing philosophies are so different that I could not believe that the accumulated amounts could be so far away from each other. One of them did his MBA and joined ITC – and stayed there for […]