“Invest like Mukesh Ambani” or “Invest like Warren Buffet” or “Vallabh Bhansali”…are all very sexy and very very media like advice.

And typically stupid, wrong and impossible to implement advice. Do not even read such articles further.

Face it. Whatever it is, in this birth you are not Buffet, Ambani, Jhunjhunwala or Bhansali. Fact is, hey you are not.

Even reading such articles is of NO USE at all. In the year 2009 markets were real bad. One company I know (listed, so cannot name them) needed to bail out another big company (listed, same group but in trouble).

The promoters knew what to do. They spoke to a real big investor/ industrialist. He has more money than 2 of the people mentioned above, but less than 2 others!!

He got a deal – he gave the troubled company about 300,000 sq ft space in a good location – at a cheap rate. He lent them some money at the SAME rate at which they were borrowing from the bank. It was in 4 digits in millions.

For all this he got fantastic options. The promoters were also willing to put in similar money – BUT STILL THEY BORROWED. They kept their own money for a ‘even worse time….

Now if you do such a swet deal, you immediately see the impact – the cash you pump in is put to use immediately. You watch the share price go up, you get to invest in debentures at 18%p.a. , …..

Take the Reliance deal…try getting the details..u will know that it was NOT an equity deal at all…..

So if somebody wants to invest like Mukesh Ambani go get a Rs. 70,000 crore cash balance…, then lets talk!!

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