No, sorry you will not find the answer here.

I do not want to join the cacophony out there. However I have found the following types of answers:

1. I do not know what to do, so no comments.

2. I will do what the big boys are doing. Pssst…do you know what the big boys are doing?

3. Too much at stake – will not comment till a clear picture emerges.

4. Too much at stake – still negotiating about what to say.

5. Anyway there is a lock-in why bother?

6. As a distributor I have had no relationship with either L&T or Fidelity, so will ask the client to invest in XYZ fund.

……..many more perhaps…

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  1. With an early reaction of the Investor community already an Indicator….L and T Team will have to Prove their metal ..very very fast..YMD , Chaturvedis funds will create History and Example eitherway and Changing Gears from Debt to Equity with a Team of EX-TATA Equity+Fidelity Equity Team may will give Superior Results as compared to Benchmark.Will it ? For Investors Wait and watch and for New Owners- Fast and furious Performance ,May be the win-win situation

  2. Isn’t it wrong question to ask!!!! The question should be rather “Do you have better options to invest in another MF?”, besides if you are in lock in period depending on the regulation this might be a opportunity to move out without any penalty/fees or simply don’t do anything until things settle down.

  3. I think we are reading too much into this acquisition.. I understand fidelity is a respected fund house. But what about performance? I was looking at their star rated funds. Fidelity Equity-G , India Growth, Tax Advantage. 1 year -ve. 3yr 25ish. ( not great considering 2009 was at a low), 5 year 10%ish. Other thing is, just look at the top holdings in all schemes with different names. Same companies.. Funny part is look at some of equity based funds of L&T. They gave more or less the same returns or some even better than fidelity.

    (Disclaimer: I dont have mutual funds of any fund house. Redeemed and stopped sip long ago. Now into direct equity and happy with it)

  4. Wow…once again a brilliant write-up…Yes pun-intended!!!

    What is the motive behind this article??? Is it just to meet your daily criteria of posting any random mumbo-jumbo per day so that your regular readers are satisfied of you posting 1 article each day irrespective of the quality???

  5. Shankar

    in life i have dealt with many jerks…Chetan has a right to his view. I need intellects and jerks alike …it hardly matters what a few guys think. It does not change anything in my life.

    Thanks for the suggestion though, yes the spam button is useful.

  6. @gautham
    if you don’t mind, will you please share your equity shares for investment, in brief? or have you a good adviser for the selection, name please.

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