I think it is much easier to remain healthy, but far more complicated to look after your wealth.

Of course I am assuming that people do not buy every vitamin pill, curative pill, magic dye…..and make a mess. If you just eat simple food, do some exercises, sleep well,…you will normally lead a healthy life.

While investing on the other hand even people who keep it simple get carried away by the media, friends, colleagues, own ego, financial advisers, …….and do irrational things. Let us take some advice that is available on the media:

“Invest in a good mutual fund, keep seeing the quarterly results, but make changes once in a year”.

I have no clue whether the investor has any actionable advise in such a statement. Do you?

“Investing in the Primary market will ensure that your losses are kept to the minimum, while Maximising your profits”

Wow! beats me. See NMDC, NHPC, from the psu basket and a zillion others from the private sector basket.

“Do Fundamental Research before you invest.”

TV Expert: Aviation stocks have never earned money for their shareholders, but at some price ALL equity shares become attractive. Kingfisher at 16 has reached that level.

Anchor: Sir, does it mean you are recommending this to your customers?

TV Expert: NO, no, I have not recommended it to MY CUSTOMERS, but I think it is a good buy (FOR YOUR STUPID VIEWERS??? )

What should the viewer make of this conversation?

Small investor if you are looking for some magician to look after your money, FREE, or by watching TV and reading websites, my heart goes out to you.

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  1. Subra sir,

    Unless people stop watching this half baked/paid TV experts , even goddes Lakshmi cannot save people from themself ;(

  2. To be honest, the stock discussion are more confusing to people. experts say the call is based on technical analysis. If it is so? then why same stock is recommended as SELL by few analyst where as some analyst give BUY Call….

    Technical analysis should give one result BUY or SELL ? Right?

  3. Hmm, if reading websites and blogs also is not going to help a small investor, then what should be done?! Can’t go full time into this… there must be something that can be done?

  4. i think the ‘small’ in small investor refers to the size of the brain and not their investible surplus

  5. Dear Subra,

    My brother is not a big investor but he keeps on saying invest on very few shares after go through their business. He follows it and earn good profits. I recently went through his portfolio and he has just five investments on different domains. I thought about you at that time. But he doesn’t know about this blog. But he hates MFs.
    The point is he never listens to Business TVs and he pays some money for advise.

  6. Subra sir,
    I was a regular viewer of a news channel, now a regular viewer of NG.. the result is my profits increased…

    Thank you Subra sir…

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