Every day I get one mail at least asking for the following:

1. Will you give personal advise on equity trading?

2. Is it a time to be buying gold?

3. Do you do PMS? Will you do it for me?

4. Why do you not suggest MF schemes to buy?

5. Why do you not review schemes of mutual funds?

….well a dozen more, but these are the important ones because they come to mind easily.

Frankly do you think anything in YOUR life will change if I started doing these things? I do not think so.

I hope to make you think and do things yourself. If you are smart and confident to do equity trading, by all means do it. I have no business telling you what to do. I dabble in real estate – more as a trader, NEVER as an investor, because long term returns on real estate do not attract me. I am happy dealing in equities, investing in equities and saving in debt.

The only way to make a significant difference in YOUR wealth is by doing it YOURSELF. In case you do not wish to learn or make these changes, frankly I do not know what I can do for you.

Take a simple route – invest in some good large cap equity / multi cap fund with a large cap bias, take an inexpensive term plan, do not buy anything on credit (preferably not even a house, but that is tough for most of you), spend less than what you earn.

By taking this journey you also grasp the responsible of your own destiny: the reward is that you can (should I say should?)  be wealthier than you’ve ever been, rich (wealthy) enough to reach your financial goals, and live a life whose quality is high.

If you still insist you need to pay me for my services…my email id is ……and worse, my response to emails is almost non existent…so DIY.


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  1. HI,

    It is true that buying a house without a loan is not easy for most most of the people..we know that it is not good. But no way..

  2. Once subra had recommended ‘ICICI Prudential Dynamic Plan’ and told that he himself has invested in it. So I went ahead and invested in this plan and the scheme is doing good. Thanks Subra!

    Readers please note.

  3. Anand

    how will you know when i sell? that is always the risk. I can tell you that i will sell it the day I know Naren is no longer handling the funds of I Pru.

    Clearly this is a bottom up investment, not top down.

  4. How about having a page that shows your portfolio. You dont have to show the %age of holding. When you sell people will get to know about it.

    Does this make sense.

  5. Subbu,

    I might be following some of those what u mentioned, I brought a plot in prime area in bangalore and built a independent house with loan initially then cleared with in 2 years and brought a car with own funds invested in few plots in bangalore( again No loans) only difference here is am for long term as am thinking of using it as my retirement fund along with PPF and PF, Investing in MF,Shares and partly in gold for my sons education i have almost reached that goal also , I have taken term plan and Health Insurance offcourse i am 41 now, all these i have done from my own hard earned money as i have inherited nothing.

  6. @wealthucreate – You are not only asking for a banana – But a skin peeled banana from Subra Sir. lol….

  7. Now this is upfront close Subra and even after the disclosure, people still will want your services for not all have developed the insights that equity investing (more importantly selling) requires

  8. Ravinder Makhaik…next I can leave my account number…and hope to hear the jingle regularly….LOL….who does not like easy money? Even if you are 50 and know that the people wanting the free lunches have eaten and left!!

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